WTF, can someone Interpret this for me?


Met her on Wechat. We met once for coffee. We had a great chat. Didn’t expect it to go anywhere, told her I wanted to see her again.

Later in the week, needed the help of a Chinese translator to help me unsub from a dating site, met her and she helped me out. I have her a little something from my garden as a thank you.

We had a great chat. She told me “We can be friends but you can’t fall in love with me”. Ummm.. Ok!

Then coming home she’s texted me 12 times in a row… Affirmations about being happy (I’m quite a happy person), different pictures of herself asking which one I like best…

WTF is this?


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6 thoughts on “WTF, can someone Interpret this for me?”

  1. I can’t say for sure but one of many possibilities is that she does like you to some extent but is not interested in a relationship right now.
    You could text her “I’m confused, you said ‘x’ but you sending me pictures and texts like this seems like you are interested in me. Could you clarify so we are on the same page? You’re awesome so I’m sure I’ll be on board with whatever you’re comfortable with!”

  2. I tell women not to fall in love with me all the time. Because i both think i am not ready for a relationship and that i am not looking for one.

    There could be many reasons, fear fo commitment is a very comon one, but she likes you. go for it, spend time, have sex, chat, enjoy your life.

  3. Don’t spend so much time thinking about what she wants!!! Be honest with yourself what do you want? Then convey that to her and if she’s on board accept it and if she’s not move on and find someone who is

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