What you do when a club is dead


Should I just get blown out by every girl here or what cuz right now I can see why everyone is always drunk

And damn dude I see why routines are important I ran out shit to say after like 5 mins this shit is so different from day game

Edit I feel like I have to also mentions this is my first time going to a club and I’m not 21


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2 thoughts on “What you do when a club is dead”

  1. Bro….the best game at the club is no game. Girls at the club expect to be approached and have their defenses up high. Do the opposite.

    When you’re at the club don’t go in with the idea of picking up girls. Actually drink with your boys and have fun.

    Your vibe is better and girls will put themselves in your way

  2. Don’t go in with the intention of getting blown out. But yes approach every attractive girl until you get laid or until there’s no attractive girls left.

    And no you don’t need routines. The reason you run out of shit to say is because you’re trying to talk about stuff you don’t care about. Just talk about what’s needed for sex e.g Where do you live? Do you have a car nearby? When do you want to sleep with me tonight or next week? Etc. be direct and then you won’t worry about how to keep a convo going.

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