Where do I daygame?


I’m currently home from college for the summer and I want to go out and meet a bunch of people but i’m not 21, so I cant go to the bars, and there isn’t much to do in my town that would result in meeting people regularly? For the people who had this problem what were some of your solutions?


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Texting to get a girl out on a date?


I have no problems getting #s. But the problem is I have a hard time getting the girl out over text afterwards. This interaction was solid for example, I can tell she was very receptive. In this case, she even tried to close for my #. And through her text responses, she seemed very receptive. However whenever I try making plans, or ask about her schedule what not, she goes silent.

How do you go about getting the girl out on a date?


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Im heartbroke. Im suffering. Been all day crying.



Im 32. From Germany.

My gf broke up with me. And I am left with no friends. I have my career to focus on tho.

Used to game. Slept with over 30 girls but I noticed that most of my friends are from pickup and all we do is pick up.

Besides pickup I just have my career, but difficult to make friends.

Not sure what to do. I feel hanging with career and only pick up friends.

Thank you


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