Did I drop the ball? Should I have even asked her where I stood ? She was still cold and distant with texts but before she would just ignore me


Me and my ex broke up a little over a year ago and I honestly made a lot of mistakes trying to her her back like begging crying gifting etc. I went in and out of no contact making the same mistakes but this time around when I contacted I did all that I could do to not bring up the past and I did great I talked to her for the past 2 weeks just as friend and we both flirted and she even would text me “good morning have a great day :)” so I felt like I was getting some where this time finally we’ll we had a date set up
For yesterday after I got off work and she went all day without texting me and an hour after the scheduled date she canceled and said her aunt have her a surprise visit ( they live 6 hours part) I asked her how long she was visiting for and she said idk so I’m assuming it’s a bs excuse but I played it cool and say well hey maybe next time we can get together and have some
Fun. Any way today rolls by and I started feeling a little needy and I sent her the can I ask
You something text she said yea of
Course I basically said hey I love you and I have made a lot of great Changes in my life and talking to you lately has been great we finally
Get along its bringing back the good memories but I see myself getting needy with you again which got me here in the first place I guess I’m just trying to see where do we stand. She replied you’re a real special person in my life but at this point, i’m not ready to pursue anything else other than friendship right now. I replied I understand and I would love to be friend but I just don’t think I can because I truly love you and being your friend and not your lover will just be hard and hurt I appreciate you telling me that and hey I’d love to be your boyfriend again and just let me know if you change your mind. Did I handle this right? Should I have done something different how can I make myself to be congruent with that I said?


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How to ‘seduce’ women as a female?


Hey guys, I’m a 21 y/o female and I’m newly experimenting with my sexuality, aka trying things with women.

The first time I had the curiousity for women was when I was around 5-6 years old with a female friend at the time. She was sleeping over and I asked her if she can take her top off and then wanted to take a bath with her. She had declined, haha.

Up until last night, I had only made out with female friends when drunk etc.

Sooo, last night, at a house party, there was this girl on erasmus that I only slightly knew. Let’s call her K. Everyone was pretty drunk and we started complimenting eachother. K Said I have nice tits and I proceeded to say the same to her. She said she was insecure about a lot of things about herself and I explained that I had a lot of body issues in the past as well and that we should go to an empty room and just get topless [6 year old OP techniques ;)] to build confidence. It was great.

Later on in the evening she was drunker than I and throwing up. K wanted to go home, we went to my house. I prepared a bath for her and gave her clothes. She felt better after the shower.

There we are, laying on my bed in my room staring at the ceiling. My mind was racing and telling me I should make some sort of move without freaking her out. I had a internal “Do it!” “No, I’m way too scared” battle between these two thoughts but I decided to fuck it, take the risk and just go for it. I started touching her hand. It was so soft. I asked her if she’s okay with it. K said yes. The most that happened after was that we made out. Later on, some other people came and nothing else happened.

The whole time I kept telling her that I was nervous and awkward and shy, which isnt exactly attractive. I felt like a 15 year old virgin lol. My deployment strategy was just touching her a little and full out kissing. I think it wasn’t the best, to be honest, but it worked cause she was attracted to me as well. Next time, I wanna do better.

How do you seduce a woman as a woman? I’d love to hear your advice. Thank you.


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Ladies Fisting (Southbay)


Any women interested? Slowly stretching. How much do you need? We can do it. Daytime please. Please be mature. Send pic and approximate location please.

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How to talk/flirt with shy girls?


It’s kinda tough to talk to someone that doesn’t have the same energy as me or atleast try to match it


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