Hey guys, I’m in Turkey and looking for wingmans to hangout in Tunus, Kizilay or Bahceli. If you are interested text me back.


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How to deal with friend that slanders you to girls


I have a male friend who goes out to bars and clubs etc on the weekend and I go along with him, mostly cause he goes down with some of his other friends and their group is familiar with me now so we all get along. He ran into this girl, who I initially thought was someone interested in him so I didn’t take much notice of her, I asked him who it was and he proceeds to mention it’s his friend who he’s known for a long time, but he still would “go there”.

Anyway knowing it’s just a friend I sort of play it cool and make myself more known, this other friend we are out with is trying really hard to get with her and lingering a lot so I let him do his thing, eventually we come to the end of the night and me and her are dancing, the other guy tries to get her to go home but she says no and points to stay with me, a few minutes later we all leave together and she asks me to add her on Facebook, we jump in a taxi home and I hand her my phone to add me. We get to her house at the first stop, she squeezes my leg and then says goodbye to us.

Come the morning I message her, it’s going well and I invite her out for food, out of nowhere my friend (the one who’s known her for a long time) messages me, “Hey behave yourself, asking her out for food, you don’t have a chance with her as she’s just gotten out of a relationship”. I proceed to tell him to shove it and I can ask her what I like, the problem is as soon as he’s said that to me she’s completely done a 180 and is uninterested and says she’s not looking to meet anyone, in my opinion he’s said something bad about her to me like “He’s creepy or desperate or something”.

I won’t lie it’s very rare I have interest from girls and I was so happy with how it went that night and my first impression of her to now basically feeling robbed that he’s potentially said something like “Don’t get with him” to her, I’ve never felt so powerless to a situation.

Is there anyway to recover from this or has he basically ruined my chances and I should toss him to the curb as a friend, not just over a woman but because of his attitude? I’m also not sure why he does it, he always brags a lot and says he’s great, he seems to do better with women in general, yet I wonder is he jealous of me, does he hate me having any success, is he just a dick?


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