Self fulfilling prophecy: If you truly think you are unworthy of love and affection and will be alone forever, you will be.


Whether You Think You Can…Or Whether You Think You Can’t…You’re Right. Your attitude and perception makes a big difference in your life. If you have a miserable outlook, you won’t take the necessary actions to put yourself out there and attract the right kinds of women. If you are insecure, and have deep rooted insecurities and worry about being alone, women will see that, and leave, causing a positive feedback loop that “proves” you were right all along: that you will die alone and miserable. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy


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Getting out of friendzone


Know this girl for 2.5 years. Had a crush on her all along, but we were both in relationships so nothing happened. We talked casually sometimes. In October we started hanging out a lot in different groups, we connect amazingly well. We can follow up each other’s jokes and go on for hours.

In December we were drinking at a friend’s house and started talking about relationships. Our friend told her heartbreak story, I told how I broke up with my gf and she confessed she and her bf haven’t been talking for half a year. That night before she got into an uber – I hugged her and said “If you decide your situation with your bf is hopeless – I ask you out on a date, you’re awesome.”.

A week later we were in the same situation (getting an uber in the night). I asked her when the date’s happening. She cringed, looked at me and said:

“I really love you, but not like that. I haven’t thought about you that way”

I replied:

“I haven’t thought of you that way either since I had a gf, but times change”

“I just don’t want to ruin your life.”

“Are you gonna cheat with some dude and then lie to me?”

“What? No!”

“Then you’re gonna have a hard time trying to ruin it”

Lots of jokes later I kissed her on the cheek and waved her goodbye.

Next day I asked the question again and she said plain “No”. Smiled, hugged her and left for work.

Maybe she doesn’t like me physically, maybe she’s coping with post-break up pain and isn’t ready, can’t tell. She’s been telling everyone she has a bf while in fact she doesn’t.

Since then we’ve been chatting, joking, hanging out and stuff a few times a month. Next week we’re going to another city for a metal show. We’ll be going home during the night, so plenty of romantic one-on-one moments ahead.

I love being around her and I’m fine with her being a friend. I don’t have oneitis, just want to get the most out of this opportunity. What’s the best strategy?

1) Just behave like a friend so she sees I’ve moved on? (sounds the most reasonable for me)

2) Go a step further and try to bring another girl with us?

3) Try to escalate in some other way?


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How do i pick up girls at a party?


Pmo to yall tips


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How do I get a threesome?


So I have that hot bi FWB who is down for a threesome.

We have already screened our social circles and we have our eye on one girl.

She is open wild and we can hang out when going out.

Now what?

Edit: my fwb has never really seduced a girl


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I think i am being catfished


Hey I think I am being catfished by this guy. 8 have done a reverse image search but nothing comes up in the Google one or tin eye. He avoids sending me a pic of flipping me off and he avoids video chatting. He also goes MIA on the weekends. He is under biggz011385


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Using self-deprecation


Self deprecation, especially in humor, is a divisive topic. Some guys will tell you never to do it because it lowers your value. I disagree. Sometimes, self deprecation can come across as seeking validation. Like when a girl posts a selfie with the caption “I’m so ugly” she’s clearly fishing for compliments. This is extremely low value, and doing anything like this will absolutely torpedo your interaction. Or, if you make several self-deprecating jokes in a row, it will start to come off like you’re actually quite insecure and hide behind humor as a shield.

But when done correctly, self deprecation can be extremely high value. Specifically, self deprecating humor can be a very important tool to demonstrate modesty. This is a very important topic because often when guys are trying to demonstrate value they come across as conceited. If you’re trying to build value by talking about accomplishments, successes, talents, etc then adding in a dash of self deprecation can show that even though you have achieved all this you are still humble and grounded. This makes you much more respectable in a woman’s eyes, and will make your value even higher. If you want examples of how trying to build value by talking about your achievements can go poorly, look at r/humblebrag. The cringe you feel is the same cringe a girl will feel if you start droning on about how awesome you are.

So, what’s the right way to go about it?

Simple. Brag, then self deprecate. Talk about a way that you are awesome, then use self deprecation. An important note, don’t self-destruct your accomplishments with self-deprecation. IE, don’t tell her how you got this huge award at work, but you actually just nap all day at work. Further, your self-deprecation should be ridiculous. The difference between self-deprecating humor and a cry for help is whether or not you actually think it’s true

An example of good self-deprecating humor: if you were talking to Bill Gates and he started talking about how he founded Microsoft, then was like “but I dropped out of college, so what do I know?”

It’s funny because it clearly doesn’t matter. Dropping out of college would not possibly make Bill Gates insecure because the dude could fucking buy Harvard if he wanted to. For a more relatable example, one that I use is about where I’m from. I grew up in Phoenix, but now live in Chicago. I will sometimes make jokes like “that’s what simple people from Phoenix like me believe” or something. Because a) being from Phoenix isn’t actually a bad thing and b) I don’t even live there anymore so it’s not like it’s something that actually bothers me. No one’s going to go “eh this dude is really fucked up from growing up in Phoenix” after that.

**TL;DR Self deprecation in game is bad if you overuse it or it hits too close to home, but if used right can be a great tool to not look like an arrogant asshole.**


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2 Questions: She does not want a LTR


Hello Seddit,

posting for the first time here, lurking for over 2 years now. I have 2 questions concerning seduction/ltr I can’t find a solution for.

Short resume of me: I’m a 6’0, 25 years old student. I go to the gym 3 times a week, know how to dress and am fairly good looking. I have read models, how to win friends and several other books on body language. Confidence is no problem for me.

Problem 1: In the last year I dated a girl for a period of 3-4 months had sex and spend some really fun time with her. At some point though, I wanted the girl to be my girlfriend. As you can imagine, the girl was just not sure if she wants a relationship aswell. So I was emotionally more invested than she was. At this point the “relationship” was over. I am now in the same situation with another girl. I am fairly sure that if I talk with her about having a relationship, she would be unsure aswell. So what can I do? I know I can not force her to be my girlfriend.

Problem 2: I know sex is a game of give and take. I know, I give more than i receive, so how can I adapt my behaviour in bed that she wants to make me more happy? Just give less?

Thanks in advance and have a good day!


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