Experience confessing to a girl from your social circle


I need to gauge if it‘s worth taking the risk. I‘m fucking shit at reading signals but my boys tell me there might be interest on her side (which I assume they tell me because they are my boys).

She send me a text today confirming the gathering of our social circle for tomorrow. Which she could have done in our WhatsApp friend group. Alone on this my best friend told me to just all-in soon.

I‘m pretty into her but I‘m not sure she noticed that, because again, I‘m so shit at reading signals.

We keep in contact over Snapchat and she sends me selfies regularily, which I‘m the only boy in the social circle she sends them to I‘m pretty sure.

So only going by this, would you guys says it‘s worth trying this? I live in Germany and we are in our early twenties.

I need your advice on this topic urgently AND BE BRUTALLY HONEST!


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You are weird! Red flag?


If I am chatting more and more with someone they always come up with this statement. Aand the other thing : did I have any girlfriends before?

No exceptions.

Should I take this negatively or positively?

After the statement I usually give a funny answer or ask them why. But it just bothers me. I don’t consider myself as a creep but I don’t think everyone got this from every single woman.


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I rejected a cute girl i like due to nervousness


So a girl i kinda like told me she loves me and being the stupid dude i am i told her “i like you but i dont think it will work out” and shes basically mad at me and i dont wanna lose her how do i approach her again?


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My first rejection


It wasn’t that bad to be honest

So here is the full story . She was one of my passed out senior I just tried and wanted to see what can the result be . So I talked to her for a week or 2 on Instagram after that she came to college . She was a bit afraid and behaving awkward but I let it go . I talked to her when she was leaving but one of my friend constantly followed me and her and his nagging presence made things bad.some of my mistakes include that I proposed and asked her in a very serious tone . she denied by saying that she didn’t want to be in a relationship .


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i deleted my profile but it still shows up on google search?


so i deleted my profile and when i search my screen name plus the words plenty of fish on google a link to my profile still shows up with discription of a little bit of my about me paragrah. i thought i deleted my profile? if i click on it will it say no account exist or what i cant click on it and look since i deleted my profile lol.


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