Pick something really fucking embarrassing for me to say


So I’m doing this program called fearless and you’re supposed to make a fake phone car in front of a large group of people and embarrass the fuck out of yourself. Max picked coming out of the closet to his parents but I think that would make me laugh too much. I was thinking I could do one where I act like I got cheated on and I am the ultimate cuck. Will pick the highest rated comment.


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Don’t Worry So Much About Your Opener (3 quick things to consider)


From experience I’d say –




These 3 things are even more important than the opener. It doesn’t matter how smooth/clever your opener is if theres **no confidence** behind it she’ll sense *nervous energy* and interpret it as a **”weird vibe”**.

>**Naturally she’ll feel uncomfortable.**

**If I had to give any advice on talking to a chick for the first time it’s to keep your shoulders and posture up, maintain good eye contact and speak clearly and almost a bit loudly and high energy if you can.**

**The reason these 3 things are important in the first place is because you should NEVER feel like you have to put on a CHARACTER or ACT in order to have success with Women.**

**When you speak you should be conveying authenticity and genuine energy. How the hell is she supposed to buy that you’re this super high energy, smooth, mr. aloof guy if you don’t even buy it yourself. That’s why when you say something it should be clear that you really mean it. This trickles down to so many other aspects of game.**

**When I’m doing consults or giving advice to dudes on game I try to not feed them lines. I avoid giving canned responses.**


**Because if you don’t really believe it, it wont deliver the same way. If you don’t feel comfortable enough in your own skin with who you are or give too much of a shit about what this girl thinks then what happens after you say this magical surefire opener?**

**You end up needing a followup line, and one after that, and after that. When ultimately you should be having a set philosophy and core beliefs to stick by when you’re traversing the dating world. By that I mean…**


**Say what comes natural TO YOU. Say what YOU WANT to say. Just consider the 3 ways to deliver it up there and you’re golden. The more genuine and authentic you come across, the more she’ll feel comfortable and open up to you. The more she’ll consider being herself, mirroring you being yourself.**

**On the opposite end if you have a “script” set up that isn’t natural to you and your personality it will come off as disingenuous and try hard. When girls sense this they close up, get defensive, and/or laugh at you trying to play cool guy. So don’t worry so much about the “perfect opener”. Say what you feel about her in the moment.**

**Does she give off a cool energy, or a laid back vibe?**


**Does she have a dope and unique style or haircut?**


*Whatever the situation calls for. Show that you’ve been there before and talking to an attractive girl is just par for the course.*


*As far as going direct or not it all depends on the situation if she looks bored out of her mind sitting somewhere then being direct wont hurt and you can just pivot to her passions and interests directly after. But if its somewhere formal like school or work maybe being indirect is a safer choice.*

Hope this helps guys 👊🔥


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***Its up to you bro, Good luck out there! 👊***


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Is she retarded?


Is she retarded?


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