The return of the “PUA”


First, i was never fully involved in daygame training, the closest i was from there was practicing with women i met in work, in a store, etc. more like a library rat, learning a lot about theory, but almost nothing compared with i could do, it may be an important factor of this phenomena.

Due reasons that in the end are not more than excuses, i left the social dynamic practice, and became near to the boi i was before knowing the community, with an invisible wall of “rust” in me. I percieve that my hability to “translate” women or corporal language, as the mood of people in most of cases is fading more slowly, thing that i can lean on to continue (or begin) my training, and also gives me a hope (the flesh is weak, overall for sloth when you realize how far you are from your objectives).

Does this happen only in this case, or is it more normal, maybe something we all have to deal with?

In any case, Im thankful to recieve a tip to overcome this, as someone in the same situation that could be helped…

success for you all


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Doing drugs in the club


Hey All !

In the clubs i go to there are drug dealers !

Will me doing drugs help get women in the club as I heard it gives you swag


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Girl asks me to sit next to her and touches me for no reason.


So I have this girl that I’ve been doing light kino on to see what would happen. After a week of implementing this I noticed that she started to initiate touches to me. Also I noticed she asks to sit next to me or for me to stay close to her by saying “sit here”. Also when I give her direct eye contact she holds for a second then looks away.
Do you’ll think she’s interested in me?
What do you guys think I should do next?


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Success! Finally lost my V-Card


After vowing to change the ways I (19M) approach women and deciding to get into great shape and build my confidence I have finally lost my virginity on the 3rd date with a girl I recently started seeing. The difference in my confidence that I act with around her surprises even me as I know I was a pretty weak Beta only months ago.

It’s nice to mark one in the win column, and I’ll take the claw marks on my back as a proud battle scar 😉
Don’t give up guys! Good hunting.


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