How to Attract Women Through Honesty – Ideas from Mark Manson


made a video to summarise the top 5 lessons in the book Models By Mark Manson.

**Link to the video:** [](

The tagline of the book is “how to attract women through honesty”.

I am always trying to improve these videos to provide as much value as possible so any suggestions on how I could do that would be really appreciated.

Also any book/podcast/youtube channel/general self improvement suggestions would be awesome too.


**I’ve also done summaries of the following books:**

* the power of intention
* deep work
* the magic of thinking big
* the alchemist
* blink
* the E-Myth revisited
* feel the fear and do it anyway
* mindset
* the art of war
* the lean startup
* the hard thing about hard things
* crush it!
* delivering happiness
* the personal mba
* the $100 startup
* zero to one
* grit
* the compound effect
* the prince
* the slight edge
* meditations
* who moved my cheese?
* the one thing
* the 6 pillars of self esttem
* 7 habits of highly effective people
* secrets of the millionaire mind
* thinking fast and slow
* the power of positive thinking
* think and grow rich
* how to win friends and influence people
* rich dad poor dad
* the subtle art of not giving a fuck
* models by mark manson
* the power of now
* 12 rules for life by jordan peterson
* the 10x rule
* the inside out revolution
* man’s search for meaning
* how to stop worrying and start living
* millionaire fastlane.
* and some others…

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Have a great day.



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What are the worst rejections you guys have ever had?


I’ve gotten a lot better at taking rejection. At the end of the day not every girl will be into you and that’s ok. In fact now if a girl straight up rejects me I just laugh it off and move on.

Last night I was at this club, dancing next to these three girls and one of them said ‘go away!’ Pretty harsh but just laughed it off and ended up getting social media/numbers from 4 different girls later that night.

So fellas (and ladies) what’s the worst rejection you’ve ever had?


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Tired of this


Alright so I am 21 (M) ,I havent had any serious relationship in my life but because I have never really tried since I was kinda focused on other stuff. Now that I want something serious it happens that somehow, it all goes down for me. When I try with someone I consider special, we start dating and talking more often etc, it feels great at the beginning but then for some reason they lost interest on me and I know this is completely normal but this has happened more than once and there must me something I’m doing wrong. I am a very anxious person and as you can imagine, this kind of experiences just make me feel less confident with myself.

Any advice or comments would help. Thanks 🙂


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Slid in her DM’s and got somewhere, but ended up getting curved.


19y/o College student here. Ive always been told im really good looking throughout my life and I honestly think I am. Ive only gotten a couple girls in life and they pretty much approached me first (social anxiety lol). I decided to DM a girl and she said she would hang sometime.
Now heres where im confused
She said we should meet up next thursday. I agreed. Thursday rolls around so i snap her again and she said she’ll let me know when they go out, but then never ended up telling me.
Why would she lead me on to thinking we could hang for a week and then curve me? Like she couldve just not responded or deleted me
Should I snap her again to show Im still confident I have a chance, or would that just look needy?

I know I should’ve been the one inviting her to do something but since ive never met her, she probably wanted to meet at a bar with her friends there.


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