WTF, can someone Interpret this for me?


Met her on Wechat. We met once for coffee. We had a great chat. Didn’t expect it to go anywhere, told her I wanted to see her again.

Later in the week, needed the help of a Chinese translator to help me unsub from a dating site, met her and she helped me out. I have her a little something from my garden as a thank you.

We had a great chat. She told me “We can be friends but you can’t fall in love with me”. Ummm.. Ok!

Then coming home she’s texted me 12 times in a row… Affirmations about being happy (I’m quite a happy person), different pictures of herself asking which one I like best…

WTF is this?


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Need help landing this girl


Moved down to maryland about 5 months ago and started serving at a family friends restaurant. Met this girl who absolutely took my breath away when she walked in the room. 2 months go by of just randomly seeing her walk her dog by the restaurant multiple nights a week. Her and her friend came into play trivia and i was just nonchalantly flirting with no landing place. Gave her my number and we staryrd talking and eventually hung out. Took her on a first date and had the most perfect time. Been talking talking for about 2 and a half months. So i thought yeah why not ask her to take a step forward. She said no because she wants to wait until june for personal reasons. But assured me that she likes what me and her have going on and if i want to stick around until june, maybe take it the that next step. Fast forward to now, its been a week since i asked her out and she seems to be slowly distancing herself from me. Maybe i spooked her by asking her out? But had no clue about her promise to herself because it never came up. Any advice would help. This girl is like the female version of me and would hate to lose all chances i have. TIA!


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Way more attention at school when I start dating a girl.


So I started dating a pretty well known girl in high school (I’m 16 she’s 17), and people are starting to find out about it.

Guys will say congrats and shoot looks at me when I’m around her. Girls that never talked to me before will say hi to me in the hallways.

People never really used to talk to me unless I talked to them first, and I’m wondering if maybe the girls will see me as more desirable since we’re dating? I don’t know but what else could it be?


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Not using Tinder anymore How can I actually pick up woman?


So I (19m) never talked to women IRL because I’m really reserved, the strong quiet type. It’s tinder and Insta Dm’s is where I meet the girls I hook up with, and so far I’ve had slept with 13 different woman but it’s taken its toll on me (emotional wise). I feel comfortable on dates and I’m good at not being boring, it’s like a different me who’s more social and witty.

The problem is intially meeting girls IRL and getting her number, you know like normal things. I’m at a lost of how. I’m fairly attractive and dress nice but it’s really a facade for my shyness. I noticed that I’m more into non socially active girls who workout, are smarter than me, and have a sense of humor but again Idk where and how to meet and get their number. Any suggestions for a guy who’s who new to all this?

Edit: to include I don’t go to college and where I work, people are much older than me so that’s not a good place to look


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