Experience confessing to a girl from your social circle


I need to gauge if it‘s worth taking the risk. I‘m fucking shit at reading signals but my boys tell me there might be interest on her side (which I assume they tell me because they are my boys).

She send me a text today confirming the gathering of our social circle for tomorrow. Which she could have done in our WhatsApp friend group. Alone on this my best friend told me to just all-in soon.

I‘m pretty into her but I‘m not sure she noticed that, because again, I‘m so shit at reading signals.

We keep in contact over Snapchat and she sends me selfies regularily, which I‘m the only boy in the social circle she sends them to I‘m pretty sure.

So only going by this, would you guys says it‘s worth trying this? I live in Germany and we are in our early twenties.

I need your advice on this topic urgently AND BE BRUTALLY HONEST!


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How to Sext – 7 Most Important Tips


Most guys are typically super cringey when it comes to sexting women. Or even sexualizing interactions. So here are some important tips when it comes to sexting:

**Tip #1 – Use Proper Grammar & Spelling!**

Sexting is far more effective with proper grammar and correct spelling…

**Tip #2 – Be Descriptive!**

Write a story as if you copied a piece from an erotica…

**Tip #3 – Calibrate**

A bit of awareness goes a long way.

**Tip #4 – Timing!**

Don’t take too long to reply!

**Tip #5 – Don’t use the word “Rape”**

The use of “rape” in sexting shouldn’t be used. It never works. Leave “rape” and “kidnap”, etc. out

**Tip #6 – Use Your Voice!**

You can really use voice messages to your advantage.

**Tip #7: Sext When You’re Free!**

Sext her when you’re free to meet!

**Full article with screen shots of examples here:**



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The value of social media


What is your personal experience and opinion about everything that Facebook, Tinder, instagram etc. have in common with game?
In my opinion things are extremely specific, but let’s start here.

I live in a small country, in the 4-th biggest city (around 100k population). My city isn’t really the best thing for young people (18-28yo let’s say), since it doesn’t have many universities etc. So in Tinder, for instance, it’s almost empty. Facebook and Instagram are quite questionable. I’m turning 25 this year. When I was 16-17 it really felt like my thing – cool pictures, videos, many likes. I felt like I could freely chat up with anyone, had many dates etc. But every time I try to figure it out now, it feels distant and fake. The conversations and the whole act, it’s completely different than when you meet someone eye to eye and you can feel the vibe. I started socializing, learning game 2 months ago, I’m starting to see some good results too. I watch RSD, Todd and many other’s channels in youtube to help me in this. Read and post here too. But this really bugs me out – it feels as though these social networks are necessary/important in this, either as a followup from an approach, club night or whatever. And at the same time it feels completely fake – the pictures, filters and everything.

How do you deal with this and what do you think about it?


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Follow up to hook up one week later


Picked up this girl on the bus to the city I live in and asked her to hang the next day, we bung yeuh, and she went back home to the state we’re both originally from. It’s been a week, we had a couple texts after she left my place that night (she initiated) and it’s been all quiet on the western front since then.

I want to continue seeing this girl whether that means banging her or seeing what else comes, so I’m asking for advice on whether I should hit her up or leave it be until we’re both in the same place. Thanks!


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