Things to say after stack and vibe


Being a scripted robot is not ideal but good enough to approach girls and open them. These days I am better than used to be in night games, but I was terrible in day games because of approach anxiety. I pussied out “again” today even though I was out on street for three hours.

Last night, I was out in a club in South London. When I was in a queue, I bumped into two girls ahead of me. I chatted them up using some flirtatious spikes. They worked like charm. The brunette from up North in the group bought my spikes. However, her blond ladette friend a bit cockblocked me several times. Annoying! I put up with it. Smiled and left and went into the club.

Since I was in the club on the dance floor, I saw them dancing with other guys. I didnt’ care very much as I was busy gaming with other girls. Even though, I bumped into them when I got drinks, I didn’t give a damn on them, let alone said Hi.

Around mid night, I am not so sure. I was usually dancing on my own. Suddenly the brunette came behind my back and held my hand and said hi to me. Fuck me! I was shocked! I thought my game got ruined by her friend when we all were on the queue. I smiled back and suggested to buy her and her friend drinks as they gave me a can of gin and tonic when we all queued up outside.

IT WAS MY GAME TO LOSE. My head went blank. I don’t know what I should have said to them and escalated the vibe when we were all on the way to get drinks. Worse still, I made three huge mistakes:

1.) I escalated too fast. I touched and smacked the brunette’s arse softly as we walked to the bar for drinks. I couldn’t help it as I was horny and she was too hot

2.) I tried to kiss the brunette after we had shots together. My head was blank. Apart from going for the kiss, I got nothing to offer.

3.) While I was walking away from the brunette, I was negative saying to her that her friend not welcome me. Scrap!

Sigh!!! I fucked up!!!

**Here are my questions:**

In this situation, how and what should I say to keep up my chance after stack and vibe?

How should I deal with cock-blockers? Her friend kept butting in my conversation with the brunette and asking the brunette to leave.


Perhaps, they may have wanted their drinks back and they were after me……… I don’t know




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