Did a Girl at the Gym Show Me Interest or am I looking too much into this?


I’m still very much a novice at game so I read too much into some things and can’t decipher exactly what are indicators of interest.

I typically don’t game at the gym just because i honestly think the girls are out of my league and with all the jacked dudes there it’s a little discouraging.

However I did approach one girl and I perceived we had a pretty good conversation, she was laughing at all my shit and actively being descriptive and what not. But it was just a small interaction, I did end up getting her Snapchat.

At the end of my work out as I’m on the treadmill she waves at me as she’s leaving but before she leaves she jumps on the treadmill next to me and spam presses the button to increase the speed and just says “enjoy your workout”.

It was all in fun but I don’t know how to decipher that, is she just being friendly? Should I pursue this?


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When is a guy too old to go out and pick up/sarge etc?


A question that keeps bothering me. I’m 31, and I don’t think I am ready for marriage. Despite the fact a fair few my age have settled down, I still love going out to clubs, having a good time, picking up etc (despite the fact I haven’t mastered my game and am still relying on luck.)

So, a question. Is there any particular age, or age bracket, when going out to clubs as a single male just becomes desperate, creepy and weird and he really should just forget about it? Because I feel like I’m at a crossroads and receiving conflicting information. On the one hand, I feel it should be time to find a life partner because I’m not getting any younger. On the other, I feel a 30 something guy in good shape with his shit together could plausible date girls ten years either side of him.




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List of date ideas?


Hey lads,

One of the most challenging things in dating, I find, is to constantly come up with interesting dates. Are there any /r/seduction approved lists of date ideas out there? Thank you so much! 🙂


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WTF is going on in the mind of this woman?


So I recently reconnected with an ex. I checked her FB and talked to some of our mutual friends. Apparently she’s suffering from anxiety and has huge financial problems and she seems to like to drink alot. But in our conversations she’s completely contradicting everything. She tells me she doesn’t have depression and doesn’t have financial problems and that she’s completely quit drinking. Also I know for a fact that she’s socially withdrawn because she recently broke up with her boyfriend whom she shared all her friends with but she simply brushed off her social withdrawal as she can’t be bothered socialising with new people. Basically every problem she has she’s swept under a rug with some lie.

Is this some form of denial? I’ve never seen anyone make so many self contradicting statements as her.


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