Nightgaming alone??


Have any of you ever hit the night clubs by yourselves? Is it good or bad not to have a wing man and what were your results?


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Need advice quick!! I don’t want to mess up tommorow!!


I work in a mostly male dominated field . I’ve been wanting to hook up with my co worker ( a female ) since last year , but she had a boyfriend and although there was chemistry there , nothing ever came of it. She went on leave for about 6 months and returned to work . Her boyfriend is now in jail for beating up some guy so, I’m trying to hook up. Before she left on leave she had blocked all of her male coworkers on her phone at her boyfriends request. When she came back I let her know that we should go out for drinks , but not in a group just me and her. She told me she would think about it. I asked her again to join me for drinks but she said she would be uncomfortable if it was just me and her and preferred us to be in a group . Well 1 week ago my coworker and I were having a beer outside of our place of employment, she was driving out to go home and I ignored her but had my coworker flat her down and asked her to join us. She did but did not want to get out of her car but instead drank one of the two beers that was left as she sat in her car. Right before she was done with her beer , I asked my male coworker if he wanted the last beer, he said no and mentioned that I should offer it to my female coworker and I declined and drank it myself . She wasn’t wearing makeup but people know what she drives so they were slowing down because they were probably surprised she was out there hanging out. She mentioned that she wondered what people were thinking and I told her not to worry because they probably thought it was a guy named “ Omar” who we work with since she wasn’t wearing makeup. She looked bothered but after the weekend she began showing up in makeup , and even called me in the phone . I asked her to unblock me because her boyfriend was in jail and I was out here. She said she would , but didn’t . She called me two more times that day just for bullshit stuff. The next day I tried to make myself scarce , but ended up running into her. I don’t know why but I asked her “ I guess your not going to unblock me are you? “ she said she was sorry but had forgotten to do so but she would do it in front of me and she did . I then told her this “ you look like someone who appreciates honesty , so let me be honest, I want to be the guy that’s Fucking you while Eric is away” a co worker then interrupted and I left . Before you guys give me shit her boyfriend is an asshole who’s in jail for beating up an old man. Anyway that day she called me twice just to talk again .. and when I would tell her I had to go she had this tone in her voice , kind of angry.. just a little . I called her the next morning and she said she had something she wanted to give me.. I asked her what and she said she felt bad since she had told me she was uncomfortable going out alone with me so there were photos she had from two years ago , they were printed and they were of her in lingerie. I took them that day , but I tried taking to her and asked her what was up between her and me and she said she wasn’t having that conversation, and that it was not going to happen because she did not date coworkers. But she still gave me two very sexy photos and asked me not to show anybody .. what the ??? As she was leaving I stopped her and tried to give her the photos back and she said “ so now you want to give them back to me?” I told her I didn’t need them and then the wind picked up, a dust devil came and she closed her car door. She left to her home but as I was leaving too I called her on the phone . I asked her to meet me for a drink and she declined .. so I told her again that I wanted to be the guy that was not only fucking her . But also eating her pussy at work and done weekends . She seemed shocked and told me she would see me tomorrow. I asked her to stay in the phone for a little bit since I don’t get to interact with her too much at work but she said she would see me tomorrow, but she didn’t hang up, my dumb ass was the one to hang up first! The next day I placed her photos in a large manila envelope and returned them to her, I told her I didn’t want them because she felt bad for not going out with me, and I said it with a smile. She told me she didn’t want them and I needed to throw them away , so I left them and she took them . She didn’t call me that day, and yesterday I have her a call telling her I was falling asleep and wanted to have her help me stay up. We talked , called some coworkers on three way and laughed .. and then it was just me and he again on the phone . I asked her about her favorite food and she mentioned something about sucking. I asked her what she was passionate about and after her answer I told her “ why don’t you get passionate about me and you ,” I began to tell her that I wanted to have sex with her , and that we should go out wine tasting and cheese sampling . She told me she loved cheese so I told her I hated it since earlier on she did mention how opposites attract . Well we talked and talked , she said that we were co workers and that I would probably tell everyone , she said the only person she has has chemistry with was her first boyfriend but not really this one so that she didn’t think she had chemistry with me.. but I think she’s lying . I then began to talk dirty to her, I told her how I was going to fuck her, how I was going to eat her pussy and then kiss her so she could suck her cum off my tongue , and so on . She told me I was making her feel uncomfortable and that I needed to change the subject, and I said I wasn’t and that I would continue until she hung up on me. She never hung up. I spoke dirty to her for about 5 minutes.. and after I told her we were going to 69, I told her I needed to let her go because my friend was there and I wanted to talk to him, that I would see her Monday , and she giggled and we hung up . What should I do tomorrow, call her , wait until she calls me ????


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Part-time job for Part-time Hunnies


So, you’ve come to the conclusion that your pick-up game is shit. You’ll never be able to harvest those thick snow bunnies from the wild. Every girl is either taken, uninterested, or lesbian.

Look no further…

I assume most users have their life in order. A good job, a nice vehicle, and an abundance of time. What about applying at a company that caters to a younger demographic? Maybe take a few shifts at the local restaurant or clothing store. Tons of college-age women with little direction looking for a stable rock. You’ll be a breath of fresh air from their usual dating pool of brain dead young adults.

And guess what? Introductions and talking to these females will come automatic. No more forced awkwardness.

The cherry on top is that you’ll be earning a few extra bones to stockpile.


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In need of guidance with kino


Good Afternoon all, hope we’re all well.

When I visit someone I like during my break. She is always working. She comes over (from where she is meant to be) to have a chat with me.

We have great rapport, both look each other dead in the eyes, smile, laugh and all that.

I make a point of touching her arm and side abit. Recently I’ve starting touching her back up and down while leaning and chatting

My issue is that both times I’ve done this she has her arms folded (sign of uncomfort I believe). Which makes me doubt whether she is receptive or just friendly. This hasn’t stopped her coming to say hello however.

The #metoo movement has me shook and I don’t want to be making her uncomfortable. I’m wondering what your opinions are. For the record in complete fairness she rarely touches back but has once or twice.

Thank you all!


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“I would like this. I want this. I desire this BUT I don’t need this.”


I’ve discovered this mindset on my personal growth journey but never heard it said so succinctly.

It’s a quote I heard from Charlie Houpert, the guy from Charisma on Command. I don’t know if it’s a quote he’s taken from somewhere.

The mindset serves two purposes in my life. One, to keep me grounded emotionally by appreciating what I have right now. And two, I try to let this mindset be apparent in my words and actions with the new women I encounter. I want them understanding: “He’s interested in me, but he doesn’t love or need me, because he doesn’t know if I’m what he’s looking for.”

I always appreciate the depth of advice offered by you guys so I wanted to present the quote to you as a mindset worth adopting in my opinion if you don’t already have it.


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