Im Tired of books and theory. What are some routine habits I can do weekly to get better with women?


Ive been on a 6 month drought after a break up. Ive read all the books in the world and talk to some “coaches.” Yet other than new cloths Im really no better now than I was six months ago.. Ive hit on maybe 3 girls directly over the course of those 6 months.Its clear what I need is daily and constant action?

Any advice on what I should routinely make a daily habit?

From the mystery method suggests clubbing/bar hopping 4 hours a day.. thats a shit ton of time ugh( I have a 9-5)! Also does that realky work? Im solo so I got a feeling Im going to be the weird guy in the bar on his phone for the first week or so. To be honest Ive been out twice solo over those six months nervous as hell each time.

Not going to lie. Im nervous and feel overwhelmed cause their is so much I could improve… but Im tired of theory and tired of trying to beat the mountain by doing everything but climbing it (meditation, meetups, toastmasters, etc).


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How do you turn a hookup into talking


Backstory here: I tuned this girl for about 3 months last year and then we stopped talking for whatever reason. A few nights ago I saw her at a party and we hooked up (little bit drunk). Then I just sent her a text a few days later asking if she wanted to still talk or if that was a one off drunk thing and she said “idk im not really looking for anything right now sorry. im really sorry”.I wouldnt mind starting to talk to this girl again but i obviously dont want to pursue it right away and would rather it be both of us wanting to talk to each other rather than me chasing her obviously. So how would I go about this, because obviously there is at least a little bit of attraction there but im not sure where to go from here, not snap her for a week? (we have eachother on snapchat). Any help would be appreciated.


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How I stopped being a pussy


These are the 3 big things I’ve picked up on recently. I went through a shit break-up last year and it took a lot of time to get my game back. This subreddit helped me get through tough times so I am paying it forward.

1) Cocky comedy will take you far. Being playfully cocky will instantly separate you from 90% of social interactions she has with other males. Cocky comedy comes from the perspective that **she is the one who is after you.** When meeting a new woman, challenge her from the very beginning. Instead of pursuing her, put it in your head that she is the one pursuing you. Don’t be afraid to bust her balls, but make sure it’s in a teasing flirtatious way. One way I like to use cocky comedy is by using a made up “strike system”. I’ll say something like this: “Oh, you don’t like pineapple on pizza? That’s gonna be a strike. This isn’t going to work out.” I take something small and blow it out of proportion as if it was a relationship deal breaker. The secret is a sly delivery, as you don’t want to come off as arrogant or try to hurt her feelings. Cocky comedy is a way to show that you’re not intimidated by her and that you like to have a good time. It’s also a good shit test to play on women.

2) Stop relying on logical characteristics to get women. This one took me a long time to figure out. I used to think “I’m an above average looking guy, I wear nice clothes, I’m not a fuck-up, so why aren’t women throwing themselves at me?” The thing is, having “logical” qualities is great to possess, and you should absolutely work on becoming the best person you can be. **But the reality is that logic ain’t gonna get you laid.** In order to attract women you must do so on an emotional level. Attraction is fueled by humor, charm, smart-ass comments, unpredictability, wit, i.e. the intangible characteristics. You MUST make a woman feel a special way if you want to attract her. The extra stuff (nice job and car) is just icing on the cake once you’ve already attracted her.

3) Understand what confidence looks like. You always hear people say “just be confident around women,” but what the fuck does confidence even LOOK like? I figured out that **confidence is just a sense of security in future events.** When talking to women, speak with certainty in the future. Replace your “if’s” with “when’s”, and stop staying “I think” and “I guess.” Communicate as though you already know you **will** go on a date with her, and that you **will** end up kissing her. You’ll start to notice how this change in mentality will subsequently change the way you carry yourself. If deep down you’re still insecure (which is okay) then fake it till you make it.

EDIT: Glad to see the reception this got! I’m going to make a post in a few days outlining some cocky comedy techniques. Be on the lookout for it.


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