Is it me, or is r/askreddit an excellent source for conversation topics?


I’ve been thinking a lot for a couple of days about the dynamics of *interesting* and unconventional conversation topics and this sub seems to be a treasure chest full of it.

In addition to this, I’m also looking for a style of conversation that appears to be random and fictional – something that just keeps giving. I was talking to a gent in a previous thread where he mentioned he used to come up with fictional tales of how he was in the Bolivian Intelligence Agency and detailed his adventures in a way to both have something to talk about and make the girl laugh.

I’d also like to know an unconventional method to open a with a girl without starting with her name. I came up with up a ‘look at that couple there, how long do you think till she slaps him” and something on those lines.


1. How do you approach a potential girl when they’re in groups?

2. When there’s a lull in the convo, I simply stare at her with a half smile. This generally goads her to come up with something. I’d like to have a proper backup- what’s yours?


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Ex Avoidant type of relationship.


19 yo I Know i shouldn’t be focused on this girl but i’m émotionaly attached to her and i think she’s a bit émotionnaly attached too , we spent some great Time together. the problem is she ignore my message even when we we’re in couple , what should i text her that would make her intéresed more ?


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My problem with some opener scripts


I know what’s most important is voice intonation (I’d like to read about that if you have a link) and body language and not what you say when starting a conversation but sometimes I feel the need to use an opener script. The problem is most opinion openers and other kinds of openers I’ve read about seem fake, unnatural, and the situations they describe are simply too hard to believe for me. For example: “Excuse me… My friends are waiting for me but… Would you date someone who is still friends with their ex? ‘Cause I’ve got a friend who had a box full of pictures of his ex and him and when his girlfriend found it, she burned it and threatened to cut off his dick while he slept…”. Bro, I imagine myself being a girl and hearing that from a random stranger, I’d immediately know that that guy just made up that story so he could catch my interest and that would be a real turn off for me (Just why the hell would he tell that story to a random stranger without any context whatsoever?). Unless you have some serious storytelling technique, I don’t see that working as a good way to start a conversation. A situational opener, asking for information or just introducing yourself seems to me a lot better than making up such a ridiculous story just to open a conversation. This sort of thing makes me lose my faith in some seduction methods and feel a fool for actually spending money on them. What do you guys think?


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Tired of this


Alright so I am 21 (M) ,I havent had any serious relationship in my life but because I have never really tried since I was kinda focused on other stuff. Now that I want something serious it happens that somehow, it all goes down for me. When I try with someone I consider special, we start dating and talking more often etc, it feels great at the beginning but then for some reason they lost interest on me and I know this is completely normal but this has happened more than once and there must me something I’m doing wrong. I am a very anxious person and as you can imagine, this kind of experiences just make me feel less confident with myself.

Any advice or comments would help. Thanks 🙂


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Why do guys shit-talk other guys’ game and how do you let it not impede your confidence?


I’m not exactly the most Arnold Schwarzaneggar of guys. I’m clean shaven, boyish looking for my age, and I’m 5’6″ and 123 lbs, even though I have a larger upper body than you would think for that weight due to years of manual labor. Furthermore, i’m quite happy with what is in my pants. Being a latino, i’m blessed with a 6 and a half inch thick cock, which adds to prove that good things come in small packages.


But i’m incredibly accustomed at this point to having 6’0″+ 200+ lb gorillas at the bar, or on the job, tell me something to the equivalent of that i’m gay, i have no chance with girls, or the dreaded “virgin” insult (i find it funny that that shit still goes on outside of high school, to be honest).

I have been with a few girls at this point and while i’m still novice at game and trying to learn it and work on it in college (honestly, i feel it’s my moral responsibility, because i’m approaching 25, age is no longer an excuse, and if i don’t make an effort with girls i’m really just being selfish), I sometimes still get my confidence shaken a bit by these guys because what seems to be the message is that only the most over-the-top outrageous expression of hypermasculinity is what will succeed with girls.

My suspicion, though, is that these are just limp-dicked or underendowed losers whose own lives are shit, or they don’t have a great romantic life themselves, so all they can do is try to destroy it for others. People who are actually enjoying their lives don’t have that need. These are also probably people who got bullied earlier in life too.

Any thoughts?


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