heard a girl fart today in my economics lecture. and applied my seduction techniques


heard a girl fart today in my economics lecture. I got up and walked over to her seat. everyone and the professor was starting at me. I asked her “are you the one who just farted?” she just stared at me embarrassed and worried. I asked her 3 more times before the scent would disapate off the seat cushion. I raised my voice this time and told her to get the fuck up. I buried my nose into the seat cushion, and sure enough there was a faint smell of beans and lemon iced tea. sniffed for a good 2 minutes. I then put my hand in my pants and rubbed one out, no lube this time. everyone was at the walls of the lecture standing away from me. I went up to the chubby cutie and asked her one last question.
“are you single?”


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Opened My First Set Since Halloween Last Night


Hey guys,

The last few months I’ve been going through a very rough patch that has left me anxious, depressed, and with no desire to approach girls. Slowly, I’ve managed to get myself to start going out again with friends.

Last night I met up with a new friend of mine, his girlfriend, and two of his male friends at a bar. We had a couple drinks then moved on to another place, which was much more lively. After a couple more drinks my friend wanted to
take a walk around the place looking for girls for me knowing that I was single. As it turns out, two of the other guys were too (but evidently had no game, like me) and we all eventually found a three set that looked approachable.

The problem was, I went from completely hating myself several hours earlier to somehow out having fun with my friends and looking to approach a group of girls, something I hadn’t done in literally months. I though back to my college days (I’m 27 now) when I used to study game and pickup and wracked my brain for an opener, anything. I half expected one of my friends to open and sort of pull me into the set since I was having a tough time getting going, but we continued ruminating amongst ourselves for about 15 minutes.

At this point I knew we were doomed, going purely off of Mystery’s “three second rule,” which states that once a set has been spotted, you have three seconds to approach before the opportunity evaporates. I knew the longer we stood there talking, the worse our chances would be. At this point, the girls were looking at us with semi-interest but could tell that we were working up the balls to go over there, which did not help us.

Finally my friend (with the girlfriend) said “if you’re gonna approach, now’s the time to do it,” and I just said “fuck it” and walked up to the three girls and said “so, you girls from around here?” I know it was shit and I pulled it out of my ass, but at least I opened. The minute I opened my mouth, all three girls were looking at me like “why are you talking to us right now…” I pushed as long as I could until my two friends joined the set, but we eventually crashed and burned.

So yeah, it was painful. And I fell short. But you know what? I’m proud of myself for even opening the set. Even if I got shot down, it was a step in the right direction. The fact that I couldn’t even get out of bed that day and go to work and I ended up opening a set that night is a huge victory for me. I intend to keep going out and approaching more girls.

I know it sounds stupid, but with the place I’ve been in, I view last night as 100 percent a victory.

Be well guys.


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PRACTICAL advice for men to be more attractive. Sorry if some of this is obvious.


Having been very self-conscious about being super unattractive when I was younger (brown kid in super white english town, super skinny, hit puberty super late), I’ve paid close attention to what makes people more attractive and put effort into becoming more attractive, and recently I feel like it’s worked.

Here’s a run down of practical advice (some of which I’ve followed myself) that I think can make you seem more attractive. I’m not advocating that you change your personality to suit what society sees as more attractive or anything, or that the only reason you should be kind is to get girls – it’s just that I’ve noticed these things are perceived as attractive. And I’m not saying being attractive and being in a relationship will make you happy. If you’re happy to change yourself a little to be more attractive, then I think you should follow the advice. It’s all about how much you’d rather stay true to who think you are. For me, I didn’t change anything that I valued about myself.

General Tip : Charisma on Command have amazing YouTube videos on applied psychology.


I think the main aspects of being attractive are being funny, confident and positive (more than looks).


**Number one tip : smile more.**


**How can you actually get funnier?**

– **Watch comedies** (recommended – B99, Parks and Rec, etc.) You’ll start to pick up the humour.

– **Follow popular meme pages**. You’ll start to pick up the humour.

– Pay attention to what people around you laugh at. Try and apply that kind of humour.

– If you have to, look up jokes online so that you can tell them randomly or if an appropriate situation arises.

– Experiment. If you’re not a funny person, you’re going to inevitably create some awkward silences, but it’s probably worth it. Eventually you’ll start making people laugh, which will make you feel great and also more attractive.

In general try to avoid dark humour, overtly sexual humour or self-depricating humour, because the first two can make you seem creepy and the third can make you seem less confident.


**How can you actually seem more confident?**

– **POSTURE**. Look up AthleanX’s YouTube videos on posture.

– Body Language. Open body language makes you more approachable. Charisma on Command on Youtube is great for this.

– Try and walk with confidence. If you want to, you can literally look up YouTube videos on walking in a cooler way.

– Actually being more confident. Stop telling yourself you’re not good enough. Tell yourself that you’re the shit (but also equal to everyone else don’t start being a dick). Try and face your fears in social situations. Speak to strangers. Stop procrastinating. Improve yourself generally. Work hard at things. Exercise. Be kinder.


Also I read somewhere that kindness and generosity is seen as more attractive. Obviously you should be those things anyway, but if you’re trying to be a dick alpha male to be attractive, I really don’t think that’s gonna work. [https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/kindness-attractive_n_6063074?ec_carp=2773262034116512143&guccounter=1](https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/kindness-attractive_n_6063074?ec_carp=2773262034116512143&guccounter=1)



In my opinion there are hobbies that make you more attractive.

– Learn to sing well or try to improve your singing. YouTube is great for this.

– Learn to play an instrument, I think an acoustic guitar is the most attractive

– Some kind of martial art / self defence

– Reading.

– Write poetry or prose or something. [https://www.wattpad.com/](https://www.wattpad.com/)


**Physical Attractiveness**

– Follow male models / actors on social media to get an idea of what is generally considered attractive

– Exercise (going to the gym will make you look more muscular so is probably your best option in terms of exercise). I recommend AthleanX on YouTube.

– Take care of your skin, benzoyl peroxide is great, use a moisturiser



– If you’re not sure about whether you like your hairstyle, I recommend copying a famous person’s hairstyle

– You can watch videos about getting and maintaining different hairstyles on YouTube

– Short back and sides generally looks better than leaving everything even length


– If you’re not sure what to ask for at the barbers, show them a picture (of a celeb or of you when your hair looked good)

– Google what fades and tapers and numbers etc mean if you don’t understand them so you can communicate better with your barber

– Leaving your hair a bit longer is usually safer than getting it cut a bit shorter

– Make a Google doc of what exactly you want to ask your barber for in the future if you don’t want to use a picture


– Consider getting your eyebrows threaded/trimmed/shaped or tweezering between your eyebrows



– Shower every morning

**-** use enough deodorant that if you sniff your clothes you can smell it, but you can’t smell it otherwise

– roll-on antiperspirants are the most effective. Apply them at night before you go to sleep. I recommend Loreal Men.



**-** I’m brown and I really believe **certain colours suit you better depending on your skin colour** and eye colour (for me – black, white, khaki)

– You can get an idea of what styles look good from IG models and actors, obviously you probably can’t afford their actual clothes but you can get similar cheaper alternatives. @davidjamesseed does affordable fashion on IG. Asos is great for cheap clothes and has a good variety.

– **When you’re out in public, pay attention to men whose outfits you like and try and copy their style.**

– It may be useful to make a decision between buying fewer more expensive clothes or more cheaper clothes depending on your style.

– check out thread.com, you get personalised free style advice


If you want to seem more attractive to a particular person, try to engage with their interests. Follow who they follow, watch what they watch, read what they read, listen to what they listen to, do what they do. (I’m not telling you to stalk them, please don’t stalk them).


Aaand there you go.


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Real Life Hitch Tells Woman How To Attract Amazing Men


Real Life Hitch Tells Woman How To Attract Amazing Men


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Got a date on tinder but I’m super worried


I’ve taken a really good pic a few days ago in which I look like I’m a fucking model (21M) and matches been pouring in pretty easy, girls writing me first and really trying to hold the conversation even when I kinda kill it.
Feels good to be honest, how much a photo can change things around.

Although I’m hella worried cause the picture is like 10/10 but I’m more like a 6.5-7(in my opinion).
I have a date and I’m worried she won’t find me as attractive as in the photo, other then that I’m really anxious I haven’t been on a date for like 2 years and I’m so worried about it I’m kinda losing my shit here


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How to move a relationship forward ?


About a month ago I met this girl (I am a female sedditor) who really liked me so I thought I should give it a shot to see if we could make each other happy. But after going on a couple dates with her I’ve found out that I SUCK. She’s 18 and I’m 20. She just came here a couple months ago from South East Asia. When I go out with her she’s very receptive to me since she was a yes girl from the beginning. I don’t have any issues with physical escalation since she’s into me. But I have a really hard time leading her. Not because she gives any resistance or is head strong. She’s fairly sub. I just don’t know what to say to her most of the time. I want to develop a better emotional connection with her but it’s hard having a meaningful conversation with her. I know part of it is due to her not having much life experience. But most of it is due to me not being able to illicit proper emotional responses from her. Either our conversation are shallow talks about work or she talks about her family (she doesn’t have any friends here she just goes to work then home) or I go to far and start talking about my views on life which she doesn’t really understand. My male partner older than I am so I have gotten used to talking about things like geo politics, familial structures, existentialism, etc. She’s not that much younger than I am but she comes from a good family, didn’t have many struggles so doesn’t know much about the world. How can I work on building a relationship with her so we can emotionally connect better ?? Please help!! I’m very lost when it comes to her.


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