[Help] How to get around a guy best friend who keeps cock blocking me.


So theres this girl I like but am never able to get a proper conversation going because her guy best friend is always around and will stand awkwardly (even insecure) making it uncomfortable for everyone.


Some background information this girl is an acquaintance or a friend of friend through that mutual friend I know that her guy best friend asked her out but got rejected and is now in the friendzone along with oneitis. Now, this guy is ALWAYS around and I have talked to the girl maybe twice or thrice but am never able to get it to somewhere good or isolate her its mostly small talk but she is cool and I want to give it a proper go.


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How do I condition girls to be friends with benefits?


Hi guys, I’m on mobile so forgive any mistakes (also have no idea on how to view a sidebar on my cell).

So recently I’ve been pulling a ton of women and have no problem escalating kino, keeping the conversation fun and flirty and even getting to a sexual level but almost every girl wants to date me and doesn’t want anything casual (even after we’ve had casual sex already).

I’m always upfront about what I’m looking for from the beginning as I don’t want to lead anyone in or hurt anybody but I feel like I’m running into this wall over and over again.

Any advice on how I condition the girls to keeping things casual or any videos I can check out?

Thanks for the help, love you guys, let’s do this!


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Would it be weird if I ask a girl on snapchat if her friend is single?


If not ok, how should I go about asking? Thanks


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