The value of social media


What is your personal experience and opinion about everything that Facebook, Tinder, instagram etc. have in common with game?
In my opinion things are extremely specific, but let’s start here.

I live in a small country, in the 4-th biggest city (around 100k population). My city isn’t really the best thing for young people (18-28yo let’s say), since it doesn’t have many universities etc. So in Tinder, for instance, it’s almost empty. Facebook and Instagram are quite questionable. I’m turning 25 this year. When I was 16-17 it really felt like my thing – cool pictures, videos, many likes. I felt like I could freely chat up with anyone, had many dates etc. But every time I try to figure it out now, it feels distant and fake. The conversations and the whole act, it’s completely different than when you meet someone eye to eye and you can feel the vibe. I started socializing, learning game 2 months ago, I’m starting to see some good results too. I watch RSD, Todd and many other’s channels in youtube to help me in this. Read and post here too. But this really bugs me out – it feels as though these social networks are necessary/important in this, either as a followup from an approach, club night or whatever. And at the same time it feels completely fake – the pictures, filters and everything.

How do you deal with this and what do you think about it?


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How to Text Girls You Meet in Real Life (from opener to her coming over)


A lot of guys in the community struggle with what to do after getting a girl’s number. In this video I break down all the common mistakes so you can avoid them. Some examples:
1. Being fancy, gamey, or adding unnecessary complexity to the situation ( you always want to keep things as simple as humanly possible).
2. Trying to “get to know her over text”. This is the wrong approach the vast majority of the time. Instead, you want to assume comfort and attraction from the start (unless it becomes clear that you are lacking it).
3. Not smoothly moving the interaction forward. Like a game of chess, everything you do should have a purpose ( I explained this greatly in the video)

Then, I walk you through a text interaction I had with the girl I met walking home one night… all the way from opener to her coming over. Hope you guys find this valuable.


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how to a handle a guy “shielding” a woman


it all happened so fast. i was out with friends when i noticed the lady looking at me and smiling. this happened two times, so i approached her. she was sitting. so i gave her a hand to stand up and dance with me. we danced really close for a half of a minute or something like that. strong eye contact.

THEN one fellow came she already knew i guess. “pulled” her away. they sat again and talked. at that point i hadn’t the intention to fight with him for her. so i just let it happened but still looked here and there in her direction. in moments when he looked away she looked at me and smiled. they didn’t had body contact or something. i guess it was some kind of date.

they started to leave. but they didn’t leave together. he brought her out of the bar/club and came back in.

i didn’t see any situation where i could interact with her again.


is there a way to handle this like a gentleman and not lose your frame?


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How to feel good going out at night?


Hey gents,

I am home from an unsuccessful night out. I struggle with going out at night alone. I work a job that lets me off at night and it’s in a location where there are bars active at night, often with live music, just down the street. I’ve made it a mission to at least go and get a drink. Sometimes I go in on weekdays when I’m off.

When I get there, I don’t feel good. Not sick but I don’t feel good, happy, or energetic. my usual course of action is to sit at the bar, get one drink, and leave. I can’t bring myself to talk. I try not to bring my headphones but all I want to do is tune out. I don’t care if there are people next to me. I play with my phone, or just sit there. I usually don’t stay longer than 20min. I walk in with the intention of wanting to get laid. I’ve tried to talk myself into being friendly but all I really want is to talk to chicks. My job is a social job and I have no problem with my coworkers, but once I’m there I don’t want to engage at all with anyone.

I realised that it comes down to a couple reasons. One is that like tonight, I was starving. I do feel better after eating. The other reason is that I feel like I don’t belong. I look around, and feel that everybody is having their own fun or sharing it with others, and they don’t want me to be a part of it. My body feels that it wants to get out, and most of the time I do as soon as the first drink is gone. Sometimes I go in with no intention of drinking, I sit down, and then leave in a few minutes.

Whenever I leave I feel defeated. I think night game could be a great tool, but it is a contrast to daygame in that I feel energy deprived, competitive, and lonely. I’m M24.


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Seducing your S/O?


Hey guys. I’m looking for advice/strategies on how to seduce someone you’ve been with for a while.
I’m 26 and my girlfriend is 25. We’ve been together for 3 years and we’re doing fine. The sex is good, but predictable and sorta vanilla. I’d like to spice things up, make her want me the way she did when we first started hooking up. Ya know, get her excited about being naked together instead of just fucking to get each other off.

It’s like we’re past the point of trying to impress each other in the bedroom, which I know happens in relationships. I don’t want sex to be a routine thing. What can I do as her BF to make things more exciting?

Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated


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