What you do when a club is dead


Should I just get blown out by every girl here or what cuz right now I can see why everyone is always drunk

And damn dude I see why routines are important I ran out shit to say after like 5 mins this shit is so different from day game

Edit I feel like I have to also mentions this is my first time going to a club and I’m not 21


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I really want to lose my virginity


Hi to all of you I’m 20 year old guy A virgin so basically I have very high sex drive I think about sex all the time I’ve read alot. Post from here watched alot videos on YouTube but the problem is I live in Ahmedabad in India and most of you know indian girls are very conservative it’s very hard to apply these method here and as I live in dry city theres no bar or disco to meet girl’s the only way to approach girls is in only cafe but the main most important thing that keeping back is lack of confidence o really don’t have guts to talk to girls even if I know them from friends I go to the gym regularly I’m in good very good shape and I’m not even bad looking but don’t know why I can’t get confidence please help me if you can
Btw I don’t want to go to prostitute


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Have not worked on my text game in a while. Advice on flakes or no responders


So I’m back at running day game. I want two more girls for the upcoming summer. Approached five women today getting numbers and exchanging Instagram with three of them.

I normally have no trouble with women who come out, but out of the three only one has been replying constantly.

The other two have not read my message after the second response. So I don’t like texting and getting to know when threw text. I prefer on my fourth message to ask them to hang out.

I’m trying to think of better ways to ask them to hang out because I always get success after going on dates. The problem is losing girls to no responses.

How long should I wait when getting no responses.


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