How to isolate a girl in a night club when dancing with her friend(s)?


Hi guys,


I go to night club and start dancing a little bit when I see a girl I like, but the problem is that the girls are almost always with their friends and at least pretending that they only pay attention to their friends. Now, I was wondering how can I approach the girl and get her attention and get her to dance with me while not being rude the friend especially when she only has one friend she is dancing with.



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Why do girls choose other guys over me?


Hey Seddit,

I’ve been developing myself for along time. I have improved my appearance (dress, fitness), am well read and have studied game for a while. I can talk well and do not lack in confidence. And yet girls I know in real life, consistently choose other guys over me. I don’t know why – but I do know that the only common factor between all these different girls is myself.

Recent example, I moved to a new city, new school with entirely new people. I liked this one girl in my class (she is thiccc) and asked her out for drinks, but she wasn’t much interested at the time. I have made some moves, but she wasn’t particularly enthusiastic. Instead, she replied to my friends story on insta (no girls ever reply to mine 😭) saying its rude that she didn’t receive an invite to the dinner in a joking way (she’s away to another city right now). He was asking me for advice on what to respond. Of course he’s my friend and I will help him (although I like the girl too – its not his fault she chose him over me, I wouldn’t jeopardize a male friendship over a girl) but it just makes me sad deep inside that girls never do this to me.

This same friend also has another girl interested in him from our class (she was messaging him or hugging him tightly in the club when we went as a class), but he isn’t taller or more stronger than me or more well read. He is richer though and has the newest ipad, maybe that’s why? Again, I would never jeopardize a friendship with a male over a girl, but I want to understand what he does.

I post stories frequently and see that many girls see them (some haven’t missed a single story of mine) but none of them ever reply. I’ve posted stories of me travelling the world, in the gym, exploring different places, etc – and have never had any engagement from females – only my guy friends will write to me.

Maybe I am coming off the wrong way? I have no idea.

All I know, is that I want to have girls messaging me and choosing me!

Please advise.

PS. Never had a girlfriend (I’m 26) and never hooked up with a girl that was not from the internet (dating apps). Closest I got to a girlfriend was when I was on a trip to South America, travelled around with a girl I met there for a bit and she showed me affection – but we didn’t even speak the same language and I left back home soon.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me and its killing my confidence (I actively work to resist this but still sometimes one feels discouraged when everything he tries is a fail).

PPS. I have considered asking people I know irl about my vibe, but have been afraid to do it – a man admitting he has problems with girls would make other men think worse of me. I have asked some people that know me personally, they said everything is fine or that ‘I am who I am and to own it’. But that is an unsatisfying answer. Someone else said that I sometimes sexualize too much or take jokes too far or that I am blunt.


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Tay Social’s Tinder Bio Hack?


I don’t want to pay for it… but I’m trying to guess what it is. Since most of the girls talk about how they like a dominant man, and how they’re submissive, I would venture to guess it goes along the line of…


“A lot of girls can’t handle it when they find out how dominant I am”


“Please ONLY swipe if you are submissive”


any other ideas on what it might be?


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What happend to tony solo?


here is a backup youtube channel of all of his videos but he just dissapeard and i dont know why


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What’s it going to take to sack up and cold approach?


A little context to my question (feel free to skip to the end if not interested in my background).

I do not want to sound boastful but I’ve never had issues attracting and sleeping with women. I was in a very social fraternity in college which allowed me to intuitively understand the mindset of abundance and develop my game.

Since graduating and starting to work full time, I do not enjoy drinking and going out near as much, which was an important source of lead traffic.

I did dating apps for a while and got matches/dates/hook ups but it felt so bland and boring.

I was turned onto cold approach by first watching thatwasepic on YT and thought the idea looked exhilarating.

So long story short I checked out that Todd guy, RSD, and my favorite is Tom torero because he is so practical.

The last step is just doing it. I’ve tried recruiting friends to game with, complimenting girls as I walk by to build momentum, etc. I just haven’t taken the next step to start conversations consistently.

Does anyone have any different tricks or tips to just sack up so I can talk to the copious amounts of pretty girls I see on a regular basis?

I know that rejection is nothing serious (I’m in sales so I face rejection every day).

To be specific, does anyone have a quick psychological exercise to combat the made up stories we tell ourselves before deciding not to approach?

Many thanks


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Advice for seducing boyfriend 7 years


I just discovered this sub! I DO NOT know how to seduce a man. I don’t know much beyond touch his cock, make eye contact, right possision at the right time, moan in a sexy way.

What else??

We’ve very much in love so I’ve never had to seduce him to be completely honest. I would love to learn some seriously sexy skills and even get better in bed if possible, more creative and more passionate.

Some background:

– I have crohns disease so I can’t go crazy with the moving around. I know riding is sensual so I’m willing to discover new techniques to be able to do it for longer.

– I have a broken tooth so blow jobs are out of the question but I do lick his dick and I can get it in my mouth, just not much sucking. Tips on penis pleasure without performing an actual bj would be very helpful as well.

I’m so excited I found this sub. I’ve wanted to learn how to be sexier for a long time now. I post pics of myself all the time so I would say I’m pretty attractive. I’m just a huge nervous nelly and it hinders my relationship a bit. To get past this nervousness would probably eradicate my self concisousness and most of my problems with sex.

So basically it’s a combination of not having any skills and nervousness.

Thank you guys, I appreciate any comments and advce!


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I’ve wasted so many opportunities without even realizing


A few days ago I was complaining to one of my friends about not having any luck with girls. He called bullshit on that because I always tell him about all the girls I’ve been to talking to and he made me check my instagram dms. I had 8 girls that iniated conversatiob with me and one of them even threw herself at me. I know I am no Brad Pitt but that made me realize that maybe I am just not trying enough to get girls. I have a really hard time liking a girl enough to try and get with her and when I do she is either way out of my league or I fuck it up. What should I do?


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