have you ever just literally asked a girl “wanna fuck”, she said “sure” and it was that simple?


see i’m in college and someone told me fuck game in college, just get to know girls and be yourself (because ur becoming an adult which is when u should be finding ur freedom anyway) and go out and drink and shit and it might seem that getting laid would be easier. of course looksmaxing yourself is key. i need advice particularly on the college shit and hopefully real life stories


one time i like went to this bar and there was this cute girl and i said hey and she smiled and said hey and i was like whats your name and she said blah blah and i said my name and of course at the time i was a chicken shit so i bolted but she kinda giggled and said nice to meet u almost as if she would have liked it to go somewhere but she knew i was just scared




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Lots of fun


Hey Guys . If u are looking for some company please get at me Two one three nine five two seven seven nine zero . I do all and have no limits . I can come to u or u can come to me . Serious replies only . I am a very attractive 28 female looking go s …

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Part-time job for Part-time Hunnies


So, you’ve come to the conclusion that your pick-up game is shit. You’ll never be able to harvest those thick snow bunnies from the wild. Every girl is either taken, uninterested, or lesbian.

Look no further…

I assume most users have their life in order. A good job, a nice vehicle, and an abundance of time. What about applying at a company that caters to a younger demographic? Maybe take a few shifts at the local restaurant or clothing store. Tons of college-age women with little direction looking for a stable rock. You’ll be a breath of fresh air from their usual dating pool of brain dead young adults.

And guess what? Introductions and talking to these females will come automatic. No more forced awkwardness.

The cherry on top is that you’ll be earning a few extra bones to stockpile.


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To all my “below-average” looking guys


I read so many posts that claim that you have to be above average or good looking to pull girls, but here’s an under appreciated benefit of being “below-average” looking that you can learn to use to your advantage.

-When your below-average looking and approach super hot girls (9/10s) with sky high confidence and self worth, it’ll confuse and intrigue them. Why?-

From her perspective, she’s used to the playboys and people “in her league” hitting on her. A guy who’s able to charm her by being his confident fun self and not looking nervous will make her wonder who you are. Why you are so confident. Why aren’t you awkward and why don’t you freeze up like all the other guys who look like you.

Are you rich? Do you have a big dick? Are you gay?

These are all questions racing through her mind to overcome the cognitive dissonance. But guess what, it’s probably none of the above and that’s where the intrigue comes from.

Become one of those average looking guys with super hot girlfriends. If someone with 0 matches on tinder can do it, so can you.


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Feeling very sad about a girl and i don’t know why. Please help.


I’m going to explain this the best way possible because i’m very confused and don’t know what to do. So i’m dating a girl for 1,5 months now. At first i really liked her. Now my gut feeling tells me i’m not compatible with her.

But i can’t image ending it. That thought litterly made me cry yesterday. I can’t image hurting her. I already saw her crying before because i told her i wanted to keep things going at a slow pace, it was fking painful to see her cry. She is really invested in me and wants to be my girlfriend.

I really like going out, but all the times we went out together it was drama. She is really jealous and i get a lot of attention from girls. She ran away from me the whole night because she was very sad and i made her feel worthless. She told me afterwards and not at the evening. It was not my intention but i just want to party with my friends and not be with her the whole night. I’m more and more getting the feeling that she don’t has a lot of friends and really needs me. That very toxic.

I saw her with another guy. I was drunk and was so mad that i punched my hand againts the wall a few times (a lot of blood) i don’t want to be like this. I always enjoyed my nights out before. The guy that she talked to was just the boyfriend of her girlfriend. I don’t know why but i ain’t getting happier. Maybe i just need to work on myself and not overthink everything. Sometimes i really think i have mental issues 🙁


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