WTF, can someone Interpret this for me?


Met her on Wechat. We met once for coffee. We had a great chat. Didn’t expect it to go anywhere, told her I wanted to see her again.

Later in the week, needed the help of a Chinese translator to help me unsub from a dating site, met her and she helped me out. I have her a little something from my garden as a thank you.

We had a great chat. She told me “We can be friends but you can’t fall in love with me”. Ummm.. Ok!

Then coming home she’s texted me 12 times in a row… Affirmations about being happy (I’m quite a happy person), different pictures of herself asking which one I like best…

WTF is this?


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How to Sext – 7 Most Important Tips


Most guys are typically super cringey when it comes to sexting women. Or even sexualizing interactions. So here are some important tips when it comes to sexting:

**Tip #1 – Use Proper Grammar & Spelling!**

Sexting is far more effective with proper grammar and correct spelling…

**Tip #2 – Be Descriptive!**

Write a story as if you copied a piece from an erotica…

**Tip #3 – Calibrate**

A bit of awareness goes a long way.

**Tip #4 – Timing!**

Don’t take too long to reply!

**Tip #5 – Don’t use the word “Rape”**

The use of “rape” in sexting shouldn’t be used. It never works. Leave “rape” and “kidnap”, etc. out

**Tip #6 – Use Your Voice!**

You can really use voice messages to your advantage.

**Tip #7: Sext When You’re Free!**

Sext her when you’re free to meet!

**Full article with screen shots of examples here:**



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I feel like most guys here (including me) have a few common problems…..


1) Not knowing how to put ourselves out there – I feel like some of us just want to skip to the point of our lives where we’re able to approach and talk to attractive girls without it being a problem. I think to get to this point we gotta learn just to talk to everybody first. Going to events (i’m in college for example, there’s always events), gatherings, etc is probably a good way to just talk to people. I know this is one area I have to improve on because I’m not a big talker in general (introvert, stays to myself kind of guy) Social Circle goes here in my opinion as well

2) Always thinking about the end goal – Now I’m not sure 100% sure on this but me for example I’m always (or at least a few times a day) thinking about sex (virgin). I know its a process to get to that point with a girl but I still feel like I need to tweak this mindset a little bit

3) Overthinking – I feel like you can fit a lot of things into this problem. Overthinking what to say if you ever decide you want to approach a girl, overthinking when/what to text, overthinking if she likes you enough to have sex, the list can go on (Anxiety can probably go into this as well). Only solution I have for this is to probably get more experience, but maybe can give more help on this

If anyone wants to give advice or list their own problems go ahead. We’re all here to learn and bounce ideas off each other


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Got my first ever number today


I’ve always been pretty shy and as a 20 year old guy I’ve had minimal luck with girls. Earlier today I was taking my dog in to get groomed and my dog walked up to a girl who was around my age’s dog to say hello.

I’ve been pretty down lately of being kind of alone so I said to myself screw it and took my shot. I said “Aw how cute” she looked at her dog and said “Thanks”. I then said that her that her dog was cute too and she blushed. I introduced myself and then got her Snapchat when I asked for it.

The thrill of it all was pretty surreal and we’ve been snapping back and forth for a bit now. This sub has definitely helped me gain confidence!


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Game, Talk Talk Talk, Qualify Her (and dont qualify yourself) vs Listening and Relationship Development


**Question to the group:**

Game is about talk talk talk. It’s about coming up with good/interesting things to say to push her buttons, get her to qualify herself to you with a little bit of normal conversation thrown in. Dont need her, but your still around her pushing her buttons and seeing if she lives up to your standards. “I think I can take your number then…I guess”.

Relationship/How-to-make-friends books will talk about listening, eye contact, being present, letting the other person talk about themselves more, asking questions. You can even take this into the tantra side of connection which (i suppose assumes you have a partner) focus on connection without words, breath, eyes..etc

What’s the difference? Why is this advice so different?



**Brief Background that prompted the question:**

I just got out of a bootcamp with Todd (formally from RSD). We did all kinds of qualification exercises, game the wall (walls don’t talk back, and you have to spew content/convo), teasing each other and practicing comebacks..and more. I fail pretty hard at this. I have no wit to speak of, and more take the listener role in relation with others. I suppose that explains why I’m 35, been with few women. Something I’d drastically like to change.

Watching some of the quicker/better guys was awesome. I’ve seen them get rejected, and have success on the same night. They were doing/saying things I’d never dream of or even think of. I’ve seen them turn a women throwing shit-tests at them right and left into FWBs/Dates. Their ability to generate emotional content/spike her emotions was awesome to see, but now I feel bad about myself that I cant do that. What I can observe, is that they weren’t afraid of asking people for numbers/dates/sex multiple times a night and I havn’t asked anyone in like a year (with the exception of that week—all nos).



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The less I text and Snapchat this girl, the crazier she gets and the more willing to please me


What’s going on. Don’t they want my attention to be focused on them?


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Can’t find a GF and one isn’t going to come to me


Can’t look for a relationship or girlfriend and one isn’t going to come to me. I know what people are goin to say that “I’m entitled” am I though? I put myself out there and all I wanted was the experience but people just want you to impress them every second of the day. Gotta be an adventurer/CEO/activist/Adonis to even be seen as an option. So I guess that’s my queue to just be friends with whatever women that’ll have me and forget about it ever happening. I can make you laugh or have good fun conversations but from my lack of results says I’m missing something or in my 30 years of living I’ve never met a women that was attracted to me. Everyone wants to get something from someone but somehow I’m supposed to basically lie to people to tell them my life is all about and filled with adventure and good time, it’s not it’s fun to me, I don’t care to impress women anymore back to playing videogames, building models and playing with the dog. All this lift and be confident hasn’t brought this person to me and I’ve lost total interest in even trying anymore forever alone 30m checking in. Everything I do is aggressive or nice guy and wrong and now I need to take dating classes that cost thousands since I’m Soo far behind. Idk anymore sick of being called jerk, weirdo, asshole and quiet sick of being judged by women and not wanting to get to know me and somehow I’m supposed to know exactly what to do. I’m tapping out of dating I guess I’m not equipped to have relationships with women and all the work I’ve done hasn’t done anything for me.

Don’t know why the comments got locked on the last one?


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How to propose?


I(M) got a crush (and she doesn’t know that I have a crush on her) and I’d really want her to be my gf. But the question is how do I propose. Like, what should I say?

If anything I learnt from movies, it was that when you are proposing someone to marry you, you say something similar to ‘Will you marry me?’, similarly, what to say when you want your crush to be your gf?


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She confuses me


I don’t think she is playing games as she is not the type of girl to do so. I also knew her before I asked her out. It’s her texting and level of interest that confuses me. She goes to university and I won’t be seeing her for about 3 months. I’ve not gone on a date with her yet, she has invited me down their to drink but I want to go on a proper date first.

She initiates with texting every now and then but then once I reply she reply’s back with something that always ends the conversation like “hahaha that’s great” why even start talking when she doesn’t want to talk? It’s also hard to get to know her she seems stiff as though she doesn’t want to tell me anything and I want to no everything about her! We hardly used to text before I asked her out as she has a boyfriend. But it was going well for a while and now it seems to have dyed down. I just want to go on that date with her and see how it goes. But I feel like I must keep in contact over this period but she’s it making it hard. When she puts something it’s like she’s putting it just for something to say to me most of the time.

I’m thinking of not contacting her for a while, I guess we don’t have anything to say to each other until she comes back. But silence for 3 months, I don’t want her to think I’m not interested. To be honest though my interest has gone down a lot because she’s just acting so reserved all the time and it feels like she doesn’t want me to talk to her. But then she will keep initiating every now and then. Also with Valentine’s Day coming up I don’t no what to do. At first I was thinking of sending flowers down to her room at uni, then I was just going to say happy Valentine’s Day but now I don’t know. Will it upset her if I say nothing or do nothing. Or will it seem creepy if I do something. She is a really shy girl as well so she is hard to read.


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How do I approach from instinct?


My instincts tell me to approach her and then my mind messes with me and makes me hesitate for like a good 5 minutes before I can talk to a girl I think is attractive. How do I just “go”?


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