How to Attract Women Through Honesty – Ideas from Mark Manson


made a video to summarise the top 5 lessons in the book Models By Mark Manson.

**Link to the video:** [](

The tagline of the book is “how to attract women through honesty”.

I am always trying to improve these videos to provide as much value as possible so any suggestions on how I could do that would be really appreciated.

Also any book/podcast/youtube channel/general self improvement suggestions would be awesome too.


**I’ve also done summaries of the following books:**

* the power of intention
* deep work
* the magic of thinking big
* the alchemist
* blink
* the E-Myth revisited
* feel the fear and do it anyway
* mindset
* the art of war
* the lean startup
* the hard thing about hard things
* crush it!
* delivering happiness
* the personal mba
* the $100 startup
* zero to one
* grit
* the compound effect
* the prince
* the slight edge
* meditations
* who moved my cheese?
* the one thing
* the 6 pillars of self esttem
* 7 habits of highly effective people
* secrets of the millionaire mind
* thinking fast and slow
* the power of positive thinking
* think and grow rich
* how to win friends and influence people
* rich dad poor dad
* the subtle art of not giving a fuck
* models by mark manson
* the power of now
* 12 rules for life by jordan peterson
* the 10x rule
* the inside out revolution
* man’s search for meaning
* how to stop worrying and start living
* millionaire fastlane.
* and some others…

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Have a great day.



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Asked a beautiful girl out at my gym


So, I’m pretty introverted and don’t typically start conversations, least of all with beautiful women cause I get kinda nervous (especially with the sweet ones). But there’s this girl who looks exactly my age and I’ve seen her a few times before at the gym. Well ik I’m not ugly and I could tell she was kinda giving me the eye, so I sacked it up, walked straight to her and was completely upfront. Immediately my heart starting running and my voice got a little shaky, but I introduced myself and I told her that she is unbelievably beautiful. She started blushing and said thank you which really made me smile, but when I asked her out she said she has a boyfriend 😐 lame… But I respected it and said thank you anyways.

I hope I see her again. She was super friendly.

Anyways, regardless of the fear, go do it anyways. Even when rejected, you’ll feel incredibly empowered. And it’s a million times better than regret.


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I used to be the exact opposite of a chick magnet. It was only recently that I started to figure things out, but I’m already graduated and about to go into my career. I feel like I missed out on my chance to have fun.


I had a rough college experience. I had a not so good home situation, some bad friends that pushed me around and did some not so good things to me. I had an even worse financial situation, and I had some shitty experiences with some girls.

Needless to say, I was a nervous trainwreck, and I was fucking weird. Not exactly Casanova material.

It wasn’t until recently I kind of shed the weird tendencies and chilled out.

Anyways, I just graduated and am about to go into my career.

The way I see it, most guys either start meeting girls or fine tuning their social skills in high school, or they start actually having relationships or flings in college.

They might graduate, and there are a few good years of messing around before people hit that “25 year old” mark and start getting married and having families.

I’m only a few years away from that mark, and I feel like I still have a lot to learn in terms of dating women, but also about myself in terms of what I want out of relationships.

So by the time I actually get a real grip on this dating thing, I’m afraid to find I want to go through the college “bone everything” phase, while a bunch of people are wanting to settle down.

Or maybe I wont want that, but not having gone through that phase I won’t be that experienced when I meet someone I want to stay with long term.

Can you kind of make up that lost ground when you’re older?


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A teacher


Hi looking for guidance and mentoring back into the world of pua, have lost touch with how to work women in the right ways always end up failing with girls I have true feelings for,feeling very hopeless ! Trying to keep a smile on my face though!! my sex life is slowing down by the second and I’m only 24 so if could maybe get some assistance please, thank you!


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