WTF, can someone Interpret this for me?


Met her on Wechat. We met once for coffee. We had a great chat. Didn’t expect it to go anywhere, told her I wanted to see her again.

Later in the week, needed the help of a Chinese translator to help me unsub from a dating site, met her and she helped me out. I have her a little something from my garden as a thank you.

We had a great chat. She told me “We can be friends but you can’t fall in love with me”. Ummm.. Ok!

Then coming home she’s texted me 12 times in a row… Affirmations about being happy (I’m quite a happy person), different pictures of herself asking which one I like best…

WTF is this?


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Club/Bar Help


Hey guys so I went out to a club tonight near my college and it was packed was absolutely packed. Could barely move let alone talk to a girl. Got there a little after 11pm. Should I get there a little earlier. Also because of the loud music how should I start flirting. Should I head immediately to the dance floor and ask her to dance? I complimented one girl on her dress and she was receptive and we started talking but then some guy pulled her violently away. Any advice fellas? I go to University of Maryland by the way. Planning on going out tomorrow maybe to a different bar.


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Add Me!


Rachel Reauter’s

Add my Snap! Rachelr0xxx

Bored and lonely.. 🙁


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