How to open in bars


So I haven’t really bar gamed in a while, but was invited to go with a friend of mine to see some of his fellow musicians perform at a bar in Miami. I’ve done so much direct daygame, but I know doing the, hey I know this is random but, thing won’t really work in a bar?

My plan is just to be super present and have a good time. But if a girl catches my eye, how should I approach? I’m thinking of just looking at her until we lock eyes and just wait for an AI approach invitation, a smile or something, then just go and introduce myself.

Any advice?


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Ghosted in Real Life


I was curious if anybody has had the same experience as me and also just to rant and bitch a bit to get it off my chest.

So very recently I’ve been hanging out with this girl I work with. We both go to Community College. Im 20, shes 18. Through mutual coworkers we both heard we thought each other was cute. So we started talking more, we connected quickly, and I asked her out. By the first date, we were making out and gettin touchy in my car after the movie. We continued talking and going out for about two weeks. But almost as quickly as things escalated, it began to deescalate. For the most part, we were having fun and enjoying each other during work, but more and more I found it challenging to spend time with me outside of work. I would offer to take her out or even just to hang out and study together, but she kept saying how busy she was. One week we both had the same exact days off. She managed to be busy for both of them. Eventually I had enough. After a minor argument and me asking to speak in person about what was on our minds (rather than hide behind phones) , she hit me with “sorry I was busy earlier and I was nervous that you were mad at me”. Then I said i wasn’t mad and that I still wanted to talk that day. Then I got hit with another “sorry I was busy”. I had enough at that point. After that, I didn’t respond and deleted her number so I wouldn’t be tempted to text her.

Now, when I see her in person, she first acts unbelievably awkward. I try to say some things to her just so I don’t look pissy. I was able to get a good normal conversation goin, similar to ones we had when I considered us together. I just cannot read what’s goin on with girl whatsoever. It’s almost like she doesn’t realize how fuckin rude she’s been. What’s weird is she even told me to buy tickets to a festival that her and another coworker were going to and wanted me to come along with them.

It almost seems like she’s trying to ghost me in real life. I almost just want to shake her around and tell her “IF YOU’RE DONE WITH ME THEN FUCKING TELL ME”. It’s just so frustrating. I figured my best plan of attack was just to act like I’m not affected at all by her decision to drop me and basically keep my mouth shut and move on.

I’m just curious if anybody else has had something like this happen them and has any advice to either re-spark attraction, get her to open up to me about what happened, or offer any different perspective. I figured she’s just immature and doesn’t know what she wants, especially since I am transferring to a university next semester.


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Hey mods, it would be cool to start a daily thread with success stories!


I think it would be pretty awesome to read stories about other people on this subreddit finding success with women on a daily basis. It could be someone’s first time or even a long time PUA. A lot of other subreddits have it and it’s pretty inspiring and motivational to read them. What do you guys think?


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Maybe im not teying hard enough. How am i failing at picking up while on holiday.


Out in SEA an ive only hooked up once; im getting frustrated. So heres a situation ive had happen multiple times last week. I go out and and just there for a good time. I keep my expectations low and talk to everyone – girls guys, the bartenders locals. I do what i want wether its hanging off the back of tuk tuks or making sure a sweedish girl isnt too fucked up.

Throughout the night i open several women and keel the conversation fun. At some point they walk away (“im gonna get a drink” , “im gonna run to the loo”) and i think nothing of it I move on the next intetaction. Everytime I come back to one i try to get them to loom into my eyes. If a girl locks eyes with me I make “sexual faces” (a deep look maybe a small lip lick) and that usually gets them going. But a lot of the time they don’t look directly at me. By the end of the night im going home alone. Happened twice within the last week.

Im gonna keep at it again tonight but what am i doing wrong. I dont want to outright suggest we leave but maybe i should. Or maybe im just not making the situation sexual from the jump. Im always one of the most social and fun guys who doesnt talk about boring bullshit and also im pretty goddamn good looking but i still go home alone. I need to turn it around as i have only 3 weeks left and there are SO many gorgeous girls to be had.


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Stop chasing


I used to chase girls, It was exhausting and honestly quite pathetic. This girl (we’ll call her “D”) was giving me mixed signals before telling me in a long winded message she wanted to be my friend as she didnt sense a connection with me. I agreed, and so as not to waist my own time, have only been treating her as such.

I literally JUST started talking to a new girl that goes to are school. This girl is way more attractive and I have way more in common with her.

I happened to be walking with new girl when I saw “D”, waved, smiled, and kept walking. 6 hours later D asks me if i still like her through a text (LOL), to which i say no. Because i don’t.

Lol don’t be desperate bois. Be you, have confidence, live life in abundance, don’t chase. You’ll be much happier


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