Experience confessing to a girl from your social circle


I need to gauge if it‘s worth taking the risk. I‘m fucking shit at reading signals but my boys tell me there might be interest on her side (which I assume they tell me because they are my boys).

She send me a text today confirming the gathering of our social circle for tomorrow. Which she could have done in our WhatsApp friend group. Alone on this my best friend told me to just all-in soon.

I‘m pretty into her but I‘m not sure she noticed that, because again, I‘m so shit at reading signals.

We keep in contact over Snapchat and she sends me selfies regularily, which I‘m the only boy in the social circle she sends them to I‘m pretty sure.

So only going by this, would you guys says it‘s worth trying this? I live in Germany and we are in our early twenties.

I need your advice on this topic urgently AND BE BRUTALLY HONEST!


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“Dont touch me!”


Started talking to this girl 3 weeks ago at school. We’re always together and shes kind of handsy at times. The problem im having is she only wants to hang out anywhere but at school, and rarely texts me back. Im a bad texter anyway but i find it hard to increase touch/intimacy etc when im constantly around my friends with her in a public place.

To try to solve this ive been lightly touching her (not sexually) here and there.

Now to reiterate what i said earlier. She is very playfully touchy so i saw no issue. Today however i touched her leg for a split second and she yelled “donr touch me!” While laughing and i honestly couldnt tell if she was serious. I could be over thinking this but in light of the times i dont wanna read the signals wrong. Think she was fucking around?


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Do I still have a chance with her?


Went on a date with this girl a couple weeks ago, it went amazing. She initiated making out with me, held my hands etc. Texted her last week to hang out again and she said while I’m awesome and all, she’s not ready to date and needs time since she recently got out of a ltr. I told her I wasn’t looking for anything serious and rather just be friends with benefits, she obviously never replied after that.

Is there anything I can do to recover or just move on?


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An interesting phenomenon discussion


So I’m not really looking for advice here, just wanted to have a chat with you guys about a certain phenomenon I’ve experienced.

Have you guys ever noticed that once you get a girlfriend other girls (who shouldn’t know about your relationship) just instantly start paying you way more attention sexually?

I first heard about this from my cousin when he started university. He mentioned that he started dating a girl off-campus and girls on-campus, who didn’t know about the relationship, started giving him “the look” and flirting when they weren’t the day before. I thought he was just playing things up until I had the exact same experience during my university years.

Its like girls have an internal radar that detects claimed men and instantly adds 2 point to their score out of 10.

Its weird and wonderful and wanted to know if anyone else has had experiences like this?

Keep in mind that I’m only referring to girls who shouldn’t know you’re taken, I understand how social proofing works with those who do know your relationship status.


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The flirt button needs to go


Always bots, even if you set you account to first message 50+ characters required, you still get FakeAssProfile69420 sent you a message!
No, I wasn’t sent a message, they hit that stupid ass button and “Hey There :)” is not 50 characters now is it?
Turning off meet me notifications cut down the spam a decent amount, was getting like 16 in under 2 minutes. But that stupid button needs to go too or a way to block it

Edit: Let me put it this way. Women, if there was an equivalent button for men to use, that was always the same message, and (being generous here) 95% of the time it was spam or scam. Would you ever reply to it? Would you want a way to block it?


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