I had lunch with a friend yesterday and behind us sat two pretty women


I thought it’s the perfect opportunity to chat one of them up when we leave to ask her for a number. After all, when do you meet ladies that age almost alone under good circumstances?

So then we paid, stood up, went to their table – and continued to the exit.

I just can’t take rejection anymore. Especially in 2019, where I still have a 0% rejection rate…

Furthermore… I’ve watched a lot of the YouTubers pickup stuff (thatwasepic, bigdaws, etc.) recently and feel as if Corey Wayne is almost always right: Without social proof, women might give their phone numbers, but they do it without enthusiasm, often don’t ask the guy questions in reverse, don’t ask for their name (if he’s smart enough to not volunteer his name, to see if she asks in return), answer the question for a date with “maybe, I’ll have to see” and so on. It’s pretty obvious that they will screen them out later or ghost them, even if the phone number was a real one

So chatting up a girl randomely for 5 seconds, get a number and leave is fruitless anyways? Or I’m a rationalizing my weakness?

And if the first is true: How the hell is contact established at all?


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What happend to tony solo?


here is a backup youtube channel of all of his videos but he just dissapeard and i dont know why



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So many bots ruining real hook ups


Why is everything being left to ai. Some of us just want NSA sex with random people from the internet. I miss class.


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I Hate How Much I Like This Girl


Ok so heres whats up. I’ve went out with this girl twice now and were both in university but I hate how much i like her. On our first date we went out and there was some good chemistry between us and she was completely comfortable with me reading her palm and putting my arm around her so by the end of the first date we had kissed a couple times. She told me that normally she doesn’t kiss on a first date so i joked that i must be an exception to that rule. This girl is really fun to be around but i could tell she had some heavy baggage.

We went out again a week later and grabbed some lunch and had a pretty deep conversation about how her ex boyfriend friend was abusive, how she has anxiety, and also had a drug problem. This really resonated with me because ive also had problems with drug abuse in the past, and when i go out with other girls im afraid to bring it up because i feel like that would scare off most girls. After this heavy conversation, i brought the mood up and we went for a walk and she told me how she wants to spend time to “find herself” which I think was a hint that shes not ready for a relationship. We kissed later and then she basically said that shes not gonna kiss me the rest of the date, since she broke her rule the first date.
After the walk we headed to a board game cafe and had a good time together. At the end of the date i went in to kiss her goodbye but she said no so i basically just said alright and left.

I dont know what to do with this one since I want to date her since we get along really well and i feel a connection but there are some red flags that are bothering me: I don’t know what kind of relationship she’s looking for, she said that she used to go back to her abusive ex boyfriend for free drugs, and that she had a couple sugar daddies in the past since “they mostly just wanted companionship”.

I went out with another girl who was really great to try and get my mind off of her but i even while i was out with her, i still found myself wanting to be with the first girl. This new girl was great in her own way, but i dont feel the same way as i do with the first one. Do i just keep this girl on the back burner?

We are planning on going on a date in a week but i don’t want to get invested in this girl unless something can happen between us. Is a third date too early to sit down and have a talk with her to ask her if this relationship is going anywhere?


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