If you have a sense of humour, that’s great, but you also gotta know when to shut the fuck up and limit your texting


Sometimes I was my own biggest obstacle to making a great relationship work because I talked to much. If there is one thing I can tell my past self and all you sedditers on here, tone down the texting and save it for when you go on a date with the person you like. There is just way too many things that could go wrong over the phone

1) there is no body language, tone and emotion seen through text. God there has been so many jokes I’ve made that came out way worse than they were. I’m not saying it’s necessarily your fault, but the person on the other end of the screen doesn’t know that, especially when they’re just getting to know you

2) don’t make it look like you’re trying too hard. It’s been said before but women just know desperate. It wreaks like odour. Save the funny conversation and deep stuff for in person where she can actually see the real you

3) someone once told me this and it’s probably the best piece of advice I’ve received, leave the texting just for organizing plans. Send memes, jokes and all that childish stuff once you’ve established some kind of relationship with the girl you’re pursuing

Don’t do what I did and be a comedian, follow these steps and save yourself the headache of wondering what went wrong


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Keep trying and how to cope with “humiliation”


I know that keep trying is the best way to gain experience (which leads to confidence) and simply cause of the odds.

But what about the fear of humiliation? What about the overthinking and the fact that a failure is going to mark my psychology for the next few days bringing me back rather than forward.

How do I have to cope with the humiliation of a failed interaction? How is this humiliation going to influence my acquaintances’ view of me?


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how to a handle a guy “shielding” a woman


it all happened so fast. i was out with friends when i noticed the lady looking at me and smiling. this happened two times, so i approached her. she was sitting. so i gave her a hand to stand up and dance with me. we danced really close for a half of a minute or something like that. strong eye contact.

THEN one fellow came she already knew i guess. “pulled” her away. they sat again and talked. at that point i hadn’t the intention to fight with him for her. so i just let it happened but still looked here and there in her direction. in moments when he looked away she looked at me and smiled. they didn’t had body contact or something. i guess it was some kind of date.

they started to leave. but they didn’t leave together. he brought her out of the bar/club and came back in.

i didn’t see any situation where i could interact with her again.


is there a way to handle this like a gentleman and not lose your frame?


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I feel very uncomfortable with attention


So I went to this Dj’s set in this venue last weekend and I felt uncomfortable for a minute. This one potential indicator I thought might have popped up made me uncomfortable. Some backstory, I had just gotten into the venue and was just kinda casually in the back looking at the stage. I don’t think I’m a particularly attractive guy but sometimes I wonder. Anyways, this one girl caught my eye near the front of the stage and not before long, she turned her head and looked back. Now, she did it for more than a few seconds and at one point I physically turned around and checked if she was staring at somebody behind me. Nobody was behind me and she looked over a couple more times before I went closer to the stage. What do I do in that scenario? I can’t get over the gut wrenching feeling in my stomach when I see an attractive woman look my way. In my head, I still don’t think that she would be interested in me besides being friends. Idk, maybe just my lack of experience has caused my self-esteem to go down a hole.


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Tips for Marbella


I’m 18M and I’ll be going on my first holiday without my parents this summer. I’ll be going to Marbella and in particular the Puerto Banus area and I was just wondering whether anyone who had been there or a similar area beforehand, has any advice for me. I want to know whether the beach clubs are worth the price,which clubs in the area are the best and is daygame or night game better for environments such as Marbella.


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Hey guys, I’m in Turkey and looking for wingmans to hangout in Tunus, Kizilay or Bahceli. If you are interested text me back.


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