Is it good or bad?


How can one become better at seduction if he always get stuck in long relationship?
I mean becoming good at seduction needs practice, and if you are in a relationship you can’t practice, I spent most of My time in relationships I don’t want because I don’t want to hurt the girl.


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How do I condition girls to be friends with benefits?


Hi guys, I’m on mobile so forgive any mistakes (also have no idea on how to view a sidebar on my cell).

So recently I’ve been pulling a ton of women and have no problem escalating kino, keeping the conversation fun and flirty and even getting to a sexual level but almost every girl wants to date me and doesn’t want anything casual (even after we’ve had casual sex already).

I’m always upfront about what I’m looking for from the beginning as I don’t want to lead anyone in or hurt anybody but I feel like I’m running into this wall over and over again.

Any advice on how I condition the girls to keeping things casual or any videos I can check out?

Thanks for the help, love you guys, let’s do this!


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