Nightgaming alone??


Have any of you ever hit the night clubs by yourselves? Is it good or bad not to have a wing man and what were your results?


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35 Reasons Why You Should Stop Worrying & Just Be A Man Who Hits On Girls


Too many times I hear guys worrying about “being creepy” or “bothering her.” Too many times have I heard guys expressing concern that somehow, in our modern world, it’s wrong to approach, date and attract women.

Guys it is 100% to be an attractive man and to show your confidence to women. Don’t let society’s ideas get in the way of your success. Here are 35 reasons why it is OK to be yourself and attract the hot women that you want.

**1. It’s OK to Always Be Ready** – If you want hot girls. Be prepared. All the time. Hot girls appear at random times in unexpected places. It’s OK to be a well-groomed, well-dressed, attractive man interested in attracting hot women.

**2. It’s OK to Never Hesitate** – When a hot woman appears, approach her. Delay is sexual poison. Hesitation is sexual poison. So stop thinking. Get out of your head. It’s OK to be a confident, decisive man who walks over there and says whatever comes to mind.

**3. It’s OK to Approach for Fun** – Attracting women is supposed to be fun. If you’re not having fun, then why are you bothering? It’s a game. Treat it like a game. It’s OK to be man who steps up and plays the game.

**4. It’s OK to Approach for Practice** – Top players in any sport practice. Mastering the game requires practice. It’s OK to be a man who approaches girls just to see what happens. No matter the outcome, you practiced and that’s what matters.

**5. It’s OK to Approach in Front of Other People** – Other people are impressed when they see you approach a hot girl. They are impressed because they wish they could do it themselves. It’s OK to be a man who provides inspiration to others and leads by example.

**6. It’s OK to Be Rejected – You’re not going to die.** You’ll never see her again. Nobody will remember anyway. It’s OK to be a man who is unphased by rejection. It’s OK to be a man who actually ENJOYS it. Because a man like that knows that sex with hot women is just a matter of getting through a few rejections first.

**7. It’s OK to Be Rejected NICELY** – Tell her to “take it as a compliment,” and wish her a beautiful day.

**8. It’s OK to Be Rejected RUDELY** – Tell her to “take it as a compliment,” and wish her a beautiful day.

**9. It’s OK to Not Have Regrets** – Getting rejected is better than not knowing what could have happened. It’s ok to be a man who wants to live a life without regret. If you approach, you find out. No regrets. If you fail to approach. Regret will be your only company.

**10. It’s OK to Interrupt Her** – She’s NOT TOO BUSY. Women are not “too busy” when approached by confident men. It’s OK to show her your confidence and take a few minutes of her time.

**11. It’s OK if She Has a Boyfriend** – Hot girls always have guys around somewhere. Boyfriends come and go. If she’s attracted to you, put her in your friend zone. Keep in touch. Poke fun at her. Tease her. Tomorrow that “boyfriend” may be gone. And there you are.

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**12. It’s OK to Make Women Comfortable** – Be comfortable with yourself. Be comfortable with the tension of interacting with a new person. Be comfortable with making lighthearted conversation. Doing this makes her comfortable. It’s OK to be the man who instantly puts women at ease.

**13. It’s OK to Always Know What To Say** – You can say whatever you want. You should talk to her like an old friend you’ve not seen in years. Total comfort. No filtering (like “is this good enough?” or “is this interesting enough for this hot girl??”). It’s OK to be the man who just says whatever is on his mind.

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**14. It’s OK to be Spontaneous** – Change the subject. Change the venue. Take her on a wild roller coaster ride of emotions. Emotions are a sexual drug to women. It’s OK to be the man who deals in sexual drugs.

**15. It’s OK to Send Mixed Signals** – Show interest. Take that interest away. Be tough, then tender. First engaged, then aloof. First give a compliment. Then give a tease. Mixed signals are mixed emotions which create intense attraction. It’s ok to be the man who mixes the Bad Boy with the Nice Guy.

**16. It’s OK to be Exciting** – Don’t be too interested. Don’t text too much. Make her want it. Make her look forward to hearing from you and seeing you. It’s ok to be the man who makes her CHASE.

**17. It’s OK to be Challenging** – Disagree with her. It builds sexual tension. Agreeing with her just to please is phony (and it doesn’t actually please). Agreeing so you can “get with her,” is underhanded (and it usually doesn’t result in you getting with her). It’s ok to be the man who challenges her, disagrees and creates tension. That is actually what she wants.

**18. It’s OK to be Authentic** – Being who you are is the most magnetic thing in the world. Pretending to be something else to “impress her,” doesn’t actually impress her. It’s ok to be the man who shows his true colors and wears his heart on his sleeve.

**19. It’s OK to Have Your Own Shit to Do** – Women don’t fuck guys who make her the center of attention. Women fuck guys with interesting lives, and who take women along for the ride in their interesting life. It’s OK to be the man who is busy with his own interests and passions. Because that’s what’s actually attractive to women.

**20. It’s OK to Learn New Things Daily** – Be smart. Improve yourself every day. Explore new opportunities in school, business and life. Women flock toward the man who becomes the greatest version of himself. It’s ok to be the man who FOCUSES ON HIMSELF.

**21. It’s OK to Intentionally Work On Your Conversation Skills** – There’s nothing wrong with improving your conversation skills so you can attract hot women. Just make sure attracting hot women isn’t the only reason for doing it. It’s OK to be the man who impresses people with his voice, passion and charisma.

**22. It’s OK to Love Your Body** – Your body is your temple. Live a healthy life. Get jacked. The muscles in your body make up a significant portion of “what you look like.” Show her. The more you get ripped, the faster her clothes hit the floor. It’s ok to be the man who focuses on himself.

**23. It’s OK to NOT BUY HER A DRINK** – If you want to pass any shit test, do the opposite of what she requests. Do it with a smile. Do it with a tease. Play with her. Make her work for it. It’s ok to be the man who doesn’t just “do what she says.”

**24. It’s OK to Dress Well** – Do you want to be “touchable?” The kind of guy who is always FRESH and CRISP? Doing that will make her touch you a lot faster. It’s ok to be a man who focuses on his wardrobe and grooming.

**25. It’s OK to be a Masculine Object of Desire** – Have a sexual presence. Have a sexual frame. Have a sexual walk. Have sexual eye contact. You’re not around her to be her friend. You’re around her for sex. There’s no shame in that. Own it. It’s ok to be an object of desire that she wants to jump on top of.

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**26. It’s OK to Talk About Sex** – Make playful sexual references and innuendo. Talking about sex accelerates getting to sex. Women love to talk about sex with men they find attractive. It’s ok to get sexual. It’s ok to be the man who is completely comfortable talking about sex and making her comfortable talking about sex.

**27. It’s OK to Not Be Needy** – She is not the center of attention. You’re life is fulfilled without her. Fill your life with other girls. Other options. More options automatically create less neediness. It’s ok to be a guy who fucks different women on a regular basis.

**28. It’s OK not to Give A Fuck** – Forget about small, petty, mediocre bullshit. Forget about what other people say and think. It’s ok to be a man who focuses on what he wants. To hell with the rest.

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**29. It’s OK TO GIVE A FUCK** – About family, friends and career. Show you’re a man with values. Show her you’re a man with integrity. Show her you lead a life that she’d be excited to join. It’s ok to be a man who GIVES A FUCK about important things.

**30. It’s OK to NOT THINK that Women are Sexy and Amazing** – Putting her on the pedestal has destroyed more opportunity for guys than anything else. The pedestal is the foundation of all failures. It’s ok to be a man who realizes that she’s just a person.

**31. It’s OK to Think that Women are Silly and Cute** – This is the mindset of a man experienced with women. They’re not sexy and amazing. They are silly and cute. They put colored powders and creams all over their faces. They walk around in ridiculous, uncomfortable shoes. That’s silly. And a little bit cute. It’s ok to be a man who is so comfortable around women that he sees them as silly rather than amazing.

**32. It’s OK to be The Source of Her Emotions** – Attraction is emotional. It’s not logical. Women are heavily impacted by the emotions around them. When she’s around you, the source is YOU. So give her the mixed, exciting, playful and challenging emotions she wants. It’s ok to be a man who makes her addicted to his emotions.

**33.** **It’s OK to Let Girls See You With Other Girls** – In person. Online. Everywhere. This is the “attraction equivalent” of getting “likes” and “5 star reviews.” When women surround you, EVEN MORE women will surround you. It’s ok to be a man who shows girls how many OTHER girls are in to him.

**34. It’s OK to be Honest With Your Intentions** – If you’re looking for a relationship, I tell her. If you’re looking for fun, tell her. Honesty consistently gets you what you want. Hiding your intentions gets you nowhere. It’s Ok to be a man who is HONEST and UPFRONT with women.

**35. It’s OK to Be An Adventure** – Dating you should be fun. Being in your life should be an adventure. Create a reality that women are drawn to. A reality that makes them chase. It’s ok to be an ATTRACTIVE MAN that WOMEN WANT.

Go be that man.

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