Frame of a Princes – From Zero to Hero 8


[Field/Lay Report] K-CLOSE: Frame of a Prince



Night Game



Practice Hooking

Practice Frame – You are the prize, you are going over to talk to the girl not to fuck her but to have fun, get to know her and fuck her 😉

*DEBRIEF: I definitely bettered my self with hooking but I think I have to work on relevance and emotion. Also my Frame definitely got a huge bump and I could see the change of the bat



– A friend of mine came down to visit, now this man got out a long term relationship recently and lost his friends to his ex girlfriend. The people he works with is already married or to old. Also he has oneitis with a girl that only uses him to get coffee at work. I told him to join me, so that I can introduce him not only to game but maybe even get him more social. We started of at Brew 71 (A pub that opened recently in Centurion) and after that we went to Ridgebacks. Brew 71 was a bit quite but we just caught up and I gave him some concepts to game. I also found a few friends there which they told me they will meet up with me at Ridgebacks. Weirdly enough he has a problem with the concept of game, it seems he sees it as manipulating girls but I tried to get him to see it from my frame. I am not there to fuck the hot girl I am there to see if she is cool and getting sex is just a side product




Set #1

Look I need to be completely honest and I know you will be screaming chode but this is basically just to show how fucking powerful a good frame is. I have not approached yet and AA got the better of me. I was exiting the bathroom and a hot blond as well. We made eye contact and I smiled straight away. In my frame I believe I am the prize, “Sure you are hot but that does not mean I am going to fuck you” mentality. She smiled back and even walked straight up to me, ran her finger over my chest and said “Hey you”. Before I opened her, her chode friend from the side called her over. She left immediately. I just left… Chode! I was amazed how well that worked, just thinking you are the man and believing it makes the world of difference. Best is girls can see it. I know this does not count as a set but since Frame was in my brief I thought this was the best set that showed just that.


Set #2

I did some research on how to handle groups or a 2 set. The one thing that was pointed out in a 2 set is to game your target through her friend and man this is so fucking powerful. Holy hell. I saw a blond that I really liked with a brunet friend of hers. I entered the set, normal opener. “Hi there, I need to get back to my friends in a sec but you guys seemed like fun. My name is Sandman”. So weird using my alias instead of my name. Back to the story. I realized that openers really does not matter much only how direct the opener is. They friendly accepted me into the group. Did the best friend test with them and then I started gaming my target through her friend. “Your friend is so cute but something tells me she is trouble, is it true?”. Now my target loved it because the story is about her, my target’s friend loved it because she felt like she had power to steer the conversation as she liked and I loved it because I could feel the fun I am introducing to the group. Basically instant hook. “Yeah, you need to be careful she is trouble”. My target tried talking I stopped her. “Hey don’t interrupt, it’s rude, me and your friend is busy having a conversation” She laughed and kept quite. “I like girls that are adventurous, is she adventurous?”. Here her friend starts turning into my cheerleader. “Yes, you would definitely get along well with her”. I decided this is a good time to bring back the set to my table. My friend could keep her friend busy and I can isolate my target. I told them “I have to get back to my friends, come join me” as we are walking I talked to my target, flirting a bit more. She eventually cracks and tells me she is married. I crumbled later on as I thought it might be a shit test, turns out it was true. I felt the guilt of gaming a girl that had a husband. Talked a bit and then decided to head back in field.


Set #3

This was by far my best set. My friend’s cousin joined us at the table. At first I did not want to game her since she was family and our friendship is that of a close nature but I did so anyway. I realized the more she saw me walk up to other women the more she got attracted to me. We would talk and I would see a set approach and come back. This was so beautiful because I thought it would hurt my chances with her as my thoughts were that she would think “He is a player and I should stay away” but it was the opposite. I told her that I found her cute but there is something about her that seem like trouble. She qualified her self “I am not trouble I am just really awesome”. I said well you still have my attention so you must be. I decided to isolate her not to long after, it was her friend’s birthday and she told me I should buy her friend a shot and for herself. I told her that I will buy a shot for her friend but its not her birthday so I don’t understand why I should buy her a shot. Basically getting her to work for her shot. She started qualifying her self again saying “I am a great girl, so I deserve one too”. I told her I have met a lot of great girls but that does not mean I buy them shots, first she needs to tell me what kind of shot she likes. Tequila. I love tequila so I told her that was the correct answer and rewarded her the shot. After the shots I told the friend who’s birthday it is that I am stealing her away for 5 minutes and looked over at her and said “You better not try and make a move on me”. I grabbed her hand and lead her away to an isolated area. While we were walking she wanted to know where we are going. “Disneyland!” She was ecstatic. I looked her deep in her eyes and told her some story about my hobby of running and painted a picture, the emotion, the beauty of it and why I felt everyone should do it. She then threw a shit tested me which I only realized up until now while writing the field rapport “You seem to be on drugs”. “I am, I abused some whale hormones before I came out tonight”. She laughed and rested her hands on my chest. I threw my arms around her waist. I told her “I knew you were trouble but I like it” and went in for the kiss. We made out very passionately and after a while I ever so slightly moved my hands up her thighs, I felt her hand brushing it away so I retreated but still kept making out. After some make out I told her that she is very adventurous and I have not met a lot of women like her. We went back to the table. Talked, held hands and talked to the others. My friend had no problem with me advancing on her. I isolated her a couple of times and made out with her some more but I feel like I over did it and that I came off as to needy but it seemed like it did not bother her. On our last isolation while the club was closing I numbered closed her and time bridge to a date on Tuesday.


*3 POSITIVES: What did I do well tonight?*

– My Frame was so strong on each interaction. This definitely helped with getting over the initial AA pretty quickly.

– I am isolating much more and escalating better.

– I handled the two set very well by gaming my target through her friend


*3 NEGATIVES: What did I NOT do well tonight?*

– I was needy due to so many make-outs.

– AA got the better of me with the hot blond

– My emotional connection was off as I only told one story about my running


*3 LESSONS: What are the lessons?*

– I realized that my verbal escalation needs work

– Social proof is much stronger and that I should not be scared of coming off as a player

– I am passing shit tests without me realizing it.


*QUESTIONS: What questions do I have?*

How would you verbally escalate?

How could I have tried to sexually escalate in the club?


*1 ACTION ITEM: What am I going to work on tomorrow*

– Establishing emotional connection and also work on verbal escalation.


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The 3-Step Guide to SUCCEED at ANYTHING (and how it applies to pick-up)


Let’s crack right into it..

# Here’s The 3-Step Guide to SUCCEED at ANYTHING.

* **Step 1. Practice A LOT with intensity -** For me, intense practice focusing on one or two things and doing loads of reps with 100% effort.
* **Step 2. Work out where you need to improve, and how.** This might only require self-introspection, but you’ll work it out quicker with coaching and/or research
* **Step 3. Keep upping the difficulty.** The aim is to always be a bit uncomfortable. A pianist doesn’t become world-class by practicing Ba Ba Black Sheep with full intensity every day. He practices something he’s not very good at.

Pick-up is a skill you can improve at, just like sports, arts or musical instruments, which means we *can* apply this 3-step guide to it.

The question is: **how?**

# How to apply the 3-step guide to pick-up

**Step 1. How to practice pick-up with intensity**

This means going out A LOT and doing lots of approaches when you do.

It means knowing what part of your game you’re trying to improve.

It means staying out until the end of the night. So many of my old wings in London would go home at midnight. How are you meant to practice pulling if you go home before anyone is ready to be pulled? A fair percentage of my pulls are after the club closes.

Most importantly, it means REJECTIONS. **PROPER REJECTIONS**. That’s how you know you’re practicing with intensity.

Ejecting because “the set isn’t going anywhere” is **not** a proper rejection. Saying hi and her not hearing you is **not** a proper rejection. Dancing next to her and turning away is **not** a proper rejection.

Stay in set until she tells you to leave – or leaves herself. Try to close as she’s leaving. Give her the chance to properly reject you. That’s how you know you’re trying to win.

Ironically, you’ll surprise yourself and actually win more often by doing this. Too many guys lose sets because they weren’t fully trying to win them.


**Step 2. How to work out what you need to improve in pick-up**

Write field reports! They don’t have to be long, but they really help!

Write down everything you did and what you need to improve on. Both these lists will motivate you to go out again the next night.

The first list will show you that you’re improving.

The second list will give you proof that you’ll improve when you go out next time!

Because, after writing the field report, you’ll jump on a forum like Seddit to find the solution to your sticking point ;).


**Step 3. How to improve the difficulty in pick-up**

Keep doing sets that scare you. The more you practice, the less scary they become. Keep trying bold moves you don’t think will work. You’ll surprise yourself and it’ll become easier next time.

# A friendly message for pick-up ‘dabblers’

* Going out, getting drunk and talking to one girl won’t get you better.
* Talking about game at the bar with your pick-up buddies won’t get you better.
* Dancing next to girls without opening won’t get you better.
* Ejecting from sets won’t get you better.
* Going home before pull o’ clock won’t get you better (not at pulling one-night stands anyway)…

Instead, open a shit-ton of sets that scare you, stay in set, go for the pull, learn from your mistakes, rinse and repeat…

That’s how to get good FAST!

***I’ve co-launched a Telegram group for men who want to become amazing with women. Some 400+ guys sharing their success stories and getting advice on their sticking points. A real brotherhood. If you want to join the group, drop me a private message with your Telegram username.***


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Approach anxiety (a video that actually works)


One of my buddies asked me to critique his video on approach anxiety and it’s actually really good. I learned a lot about how to overcome it when it creeps up on me randomly etc so I thought I’d give back a little bit and post it here for you guys!!


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Hey guys, I’m in Turkey and looking for wingmans to hangout in Tunus, Kizilay or Bahceli. If you are interested text me back.


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