Got some rejections today


The past 2 weeks i have been approaching a lot of people and i have this macro momentum of feeling fluid. Today i approached 3 girls at the train station,

The First Girl

She was quite nerdy and my opener was hi, i like your face.

I asked her what she does and we had a lot in common we geeked out because we both are coders. After a nice conversation i managed to get her number.


The Second Girl

This is where i need help cause i think i suck. I cant remember all the details but heres the gist.


I opened with my favorite “Hi, i like your face” and she laughed and shit.

Then i asked “What are you? Like what are you studying?” She said chemical engineering

I replied with “Oh, so you must be smart.”

Then she was like “nonono” and said something i forgot.

She had a bandage thing on her arm and i asked whats that.

“I donated blood.”

I asked why?

She said that she just does it once a month or something.

Then i said while pretending to reach out “so if i touch there, will it hurt?”

Then she laughed and said yes.

I asked where she is going and if she was alone.

She that she was going to watch a movie with a friend.

I asked if it was a guy or girl, she said guy.

I asked before he gets you can i get your number.

She politely said no thank you.

Then i said “oh, thats fine its ok enjoy the movie”. And i turned my back away and started walking off

I heard her say “see you!”


Third Girl

And for this set i really forgot what i said but,


I opened with a straight “hi, whats your name?” Then i said i like your face again

And i asked where is she studying?

I forgot the name of the thing she was studying but i remember saying “Isnt that fucking boring?”

Then she was talking something about her life that she didnt like studying and that thing she was studying had more practical work someting but i forgot.

Then i said “eww thats so many projects, you have to work with people, i hate people, but i like you tho.”
(shouldnt have done that)

Then i forgot we were talking about something in life but then her train arrived so i asked for her number and she declined.


i suck any help would be appreciated




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Approaches 23/02


Went to town with my best friends from school (including a very handsome slayer friend lol). Don’t get to see them much so was in a happy mood.

Opened the 2 hottest girls in the bar. Both 9’s. Blonde and a brunette. Blonde one had that conceited bitch girl vibe about her. I think I opened her based on her crazy red fur jacket she had on. ‘Clothes openers’ just seem to be by natural go too. And if not, clothes becomes the transtion after the opener lol. I talked to them both and done ‘good’ in that I was able to basically cram in everything under the umbrella of ‘game’ into the set. Teased her, disqualified her, cold read etc etc. However, after a few mins I was starting to run out of things to say. It’s just almost impossible to keep a convo going when it’s so one-sided. I decided to leave on a high and ejected.

Then opened 2 more absolutely beautiful girls. Opened them and told them they look like they should be in an 80’s music video. They both just looked like they were from 1984 with their hair and style. Turns out they were Lithuanian. Both solid 8’s. Again, tease, cold read bla bla. I said a few words in Lithuanian which made them laugh. Names, ages, plans for the night, told a little DHV story, but once again, it was all one-sided and they weren’t asking my things or making any attempt at keeping the convo going, and so after a few mins I ejected.

Then I opened 2 girls in a different bar. Slightly older and average looking but good practice. I went sexual pretty soon, trying to insert some techniques i’ve been reading about. She asked me if I have a big **** and I told her it’s tiny like a wet baby carrot, and then she started grabbing my **** through my jeans! I wasn’t really into her though and we decided to head too a different bar.

Opened a cute girl who gave me an IOI. Can’t actually remember what I opened with though which is annoying as it was a really solid set, and I like to always know exactly what I said in such sets (including the opener). So I opened, teased her, asked who she was with, got her name, ran some silly little ‘routine’ and she WAS contributing, unlike the earlier girls. Gave us some flow. I got a bit physical with her and gave her an eskimo kiss, and then her Auntie or something tried to pull her away from me but the girl was like ”Trust me, i’m fine. I like him. He’s nice”. This happened a few times! Turns out she’s engaged, and she’s out with her family. Dad, brother, Aunty etc! Bit awkward, but I made fun of the situation and went into some roleplay stuff about me impressing her parents and making them like me so we can run away together. We took some photos and I made friends with one of her friends. At one point she said something like ”If I was single, i’d blatantly be asking you to come home with me tonight” which was a nice confidence boost for an ugly dude! I started talking too a different girl, and she was clearly jealous and pulled me back and and teased me about leaving her! haha. We flirted a little more, but she had to leave. Had lots of attraction in that set

Then I opened some hot girl outside. Was going good, but then my handsome friend came over, and her attention completely flipped from me to him!! haha. This has happened before. She was just all over him due to his looks and I knew there was nothing I could do. She bought him a drink, I think she tried to pull him, but when she could see that he probably wasn’t interested, she left

I spot 4 super hot teen girls dancing. I had to double take but I realised that the hottest girl was the one I banged a year or so back and wrote about it in an FR!! :

Wasn’t sure about approaching her as it ended so weird last time, and I could kind of tell that she didn’t recognise me when we made eye contact. So I decided to open her as a stranger, and went direct. Basically told her I thought she was cute. She wasn’t really giving me anything back and the set was short and kind of awkward and I felt like I was a bit ‘needy’. All pull and no push. I ejected, but to my surprise, she walked up to me a few mins later and opened me and we chatted. I told her I recognised her, but didn’t tell her where from. She honestly seemed to have no idea who I am which is weird but kind of good. Weird thing was that I gave her my phone to put her number in, but it doesn’t seem to be on there! And I was too drunk to check at the time. Anyway, I saw her again outside an hour or so later, and she was being chatted up by some handsome dude, and I called her over to me, and she gave me a horrible expression as if to say ”Who are you? Go away” and then she just blanked me! haha. Ouch. I think she’s just a bit nuts tbh. But then I learnt that the first time round from when I banged her!! Damn hot, though!

Possibly a couple other short sets but nothing to write about.

Interesting night. I think in terms of game I done all I could have done, really. Not angry at myself like I sometimes am.


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How do i pick up girls at a party?


Pmo to yall tips


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Top 5 Cities In Europe To Get Laid With Beautiful Women + Infield


Top 5 Cities In Europe To Get Laid With Beautiful Women + Infield


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