Why Sex Toys & Sex Aids Have a Place in Your Relationship


Perhaps a good analogy is to think of how you order your takeaway Chicken; Herb, Mild, Medium, Hot or Extra Hot. It may well be that you are down in the Herb or Mild category for now.

You may be happy there or may only want to experiment up to Medium, but some may want to go all the way to Extra Hot.

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I had lunch with a friend yesterday and behind us sat two pretty women


I thought it’s the perfect opportunity to chat one of them up when we leave to ask her for a number. After all, when do you meet ladies that age almost alone under good circumstances?

So then we paid, stood up, went to their table – and continued to the exit.

I just can’t take rejection anymore. Especially in 2019, where I still have a 0% rejection rate…

Furthermore… I’ve watched a lot of the YouTubers pickup stuff (thatwasepic, bigdaws, etc.) recently and feel as if Corey Wayne is almost always right: Without social proof, women might give their phone numbers, but they do it without enthusiasm, often don’t ask the guy questions in reverse, don’t ask for their name (if he’s smart enough to not volunteer his name, to see if she asks in return), answer the question for a date with “maybe, I’ll have to see” and so on. It’s pretty obvious that they will screen them out later or ghost them, even if the phone number was a real one

So chatting up a girl randomely for 5 seconds, get a number and leave is fruitless anyways? Or I’m a rationalizing my weakness?

And if the first is true: How the hell is contact established at all?


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Messages not being sent


So I’m sending messages and the app says they are sent but don’t show up in the sent box or the chat log. Happened to me yesterday around the same time. I’m not sending anything provocative, just having a conversation.


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