Nightgaming alone??


Have any of you ever hit the night clubs by yourselves? Is it good or bad not to have a wing man and what were your results?


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What are the worst rejections you guys have ever had?


I’ve gotten a lot better at taking rejection. At the end of the day not every girl will be into you and that’s ok. In fact now if a girl straight up rejects me I just laugh it off and move on.

Last night I was at this club, dancing next to these three girls and one of them said ‘go away!’ Pretty harsh but just laughed it off and ended up getting social media/numbers from 4 different girls later that night.

So fellas (and ladies) what’s the worst rejection you’ve ever had?


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No verbal communication – Powerful


Warriors….I may have unlocked a new and very powerful game technique….not talking.

I lost my voice due to sickness so last night instead of talking to girls (which is usually my strong suit) I decided to totally go mute and play this fun game where I would pretend sign language and inform them I can’t talk. It was a perfect Segway to get the number early and use texting as a written form of communication.

Ended the night with 3 numbers…F-closed one girl and another texted at 4 am. When talking was eliminated the seduction became very primal and body language driven.

This technique is worth trying


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