Daygame Field Report: Day 3. Got my first number!


Hey, just came back from my third day daygaming after having done five approaches the previous days (see last posts).
It was a beautiful day. Sun shining, girls wearing summer dresses and having sunday drinks with their friends. The world is fucking beautiful. Anyhow, did three approaches:

1) Super hot girl wearing an amazing summer dress. Type of girl I would never approach because she’s “way too good” for me. Walked past her and choked. Told myself “fuck it” and ran back from behind her. Her ass was truly a beauty from that angle. Anyhow, approached and she responded very positively and said “you are really making me blush what a nice compliment!”. Anyhow, she told me she was meeting her boyfriend and even showed me her phone background with a picture of them. This was def not a shit test so I told her to have a nice day with her bf and she extended her hand to shake mine. She told me I made her day lol.

2) Really weird. Girl was approaching I stopped her told her she looked cute and I wanted to meet her. She started to look around like an idiot. I told her what was up and she was super paranoid going “Where are the cameras?! This is a prank!!!”. I tried to calm her down but this girl was batshit crazy. Ejected real quick.

3) Saw a girl standing outside of a store. Approached her and she acted shocked saying how she never gets approached like this. Made some assumptions what she studied/likes doing. I was completely off but fuck it we had a nice talk out of it and I didn’t feel like a bitch asking “so what do u study??”.
She was playing pokemon go so I teased her a bit about nobody playing it anymore and that it was not cool. She responded pretty funnily so all cool. She was waiting for a friend who arrived after we talked for like 3 mins. I shook her friends hand and quickly introduced the girl I was talking to as my girlfriend to her. They looked at each other and both started giggling. I was so proud of myself that I said that in the moment lol never would have thought I could come up with that.
Anyway, as the friend parked her bicycle I told the girl she seemed cool and that we should go for coffee sometime. Handed her my phone with the new contact window open without saying anything. She put her number in and made a comment regarding how it was “cute” I had an old iphone.

So.. this was amazing. Got my first number and really feeling the improvements. My voice is lower and deeper than when I started, I’m super relaxed and not feeling that approach anxiety anymore after I approach one girl (first one of the day still seems hard).


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Girls Straight-Up roasting me


First of all I’m not trying to brag, I feel like these facts are important for this community to understand the situation. I’m tall, muscular, and attractive.

Last night at a university party I was walking home afterwards with some girls I met. So these girls keep saying things to each other things like “Yea he’s hot but like he’s wearing a visor” (I was wearing a visor i think it looks good on me), and they said it just loud enough so I could hear them. And I playfully called out “I can hear you guys”.

These jabs and insults continued most of the way back and I knew it was some kind of test and I’ve experienced it before. Anyway, I never got upset, defensive, aggressive…etc. I just rolled with the punches and teased back a little too.

But we live in the same residence complex and I asked one of them (slightly isolated from the rest of the group) if they wanted to come to my room and got denied.


and also how do I respond/react to girls insulting me as a test?




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Rekindling with friend of a friend


3 months ago – I recently broke up with my gf and my friend told me her friend had a crush on me so we we all go out to the bars and I make a k-close on her and we dance together the whole night. The following couple days we go on a few dates that went well but no sex but we do make out. She says she’ll text me the next time she is free and wants to go out. Few days pass by she still hasn’t texted me and I reach out her saying I had a good time with her and that I’d like to see her again. She said I do too but I see us better as friends. A Month later we go out to the bars and I see her there while I’m talking to another girl, she comes up to me and hugs me and I ask her how she’s been. And she was like “wow I didn’t think a cute guy like you would be talking to me rn” and then we danced the whole night while she keeps holding my hand, and grind. She left impromptu because her friend got too drunk and I didn’t close. I leave to go back home because I’m in college and we snap over the break and flirt a little but not too much. Back in college now and We’ve hung out in our friend groups and flirt a little and still keep in touch. Do you think it’s worth me asking her to hangout one on one again in hopes of rekindling something or is this a lost cause?

Every time we hangout sober she’s kinda cold and doesn’t react well to my flirting but when’s she’s drunk she tends to be all over me


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