How to Attract Women Through Honesty – Ideas from Mark Manson


made a video to summarise the top 5 lessons in the book Models By Mark Manson.

**Link to the video:** [](

The tagline of the book is “how to attract women through honesty”.

I am always trying to improve these videos to provide as much value as possible so any suggestions on how I could do that would be really appreciated.

Also any book/podcast/youtube channel/general self improvement suggestions would be awesome too.


**I’ve also done summaries of the following books:**

* the power of intention
* deep work
* the magic of thinking big
* the alchemist
* blink
* the E-Myth revisited
* feel the fear and do it anyway
* mindset
* the art of war
* the lean startup
* the hard thing about hard things
* crush it!
* delivering happiness
* the personal mba
* the $100 startup
* zero to one
* grit
* the compound effect
* the prince
* the slight edge
* meditations
* who moved my cheese?
* the one thing
* the 6 pillars of self esttem
* 7 habits of highly effective people
* secrets of the millionaire mind
* thinking fast and slow
* the power of positive thinking
* think and grow rich
* how to win friends and influence people
* rich dad poor dad
* the subtle art of not giving a fuck
* models by mark manson
* the power of now
* 12 rules for life by jordan peterson
* the 10x rule
* the inside out revolution
* man’s search for meaning
* how to stop worrying and start living
* millionaire fastlane.
* and some others…

**If you’re interested and want to subscribe here’s a link:**[](

Have a great day.



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Let’s Connect! :)


Hey! Come join my Snapchat and let’s connect!! 🙂
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You see a random cutie in oublic. What’s your opener? What do you say?


You see a random cutie in oublic. What’s your opener? What do you say?


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How To Be Happy Without a Girl?


I am proud and happy with where my career is headed, working a position that fulfills and challenges me with ample opportunity to grow and achieve. My self-esteem is miles better than it used to be. My skills at talking to women and conveying my personality is quite good.

The one thing I can’t shake is wanting a top tier girlfriend and the feeling that I’m “missing” a part of me when I don’t have one. It sucks the energy out of my life. I find myself fantasizing about doing cool activities and bantering with my perfect girl (no girl I’ve been with in the past has met this standard) but I quickly get sad after. The desire to have this is sort of a black hole that sucks up all the happiness in the other areas of my life. How can I fix this mentality and become independent from it?

Right now, I’m trying to have cool activities and create the same beauty of banter with the people in my life right now to learn how to appreciate and be happy with what I have already, to get less dependent on the daydreams I have.

I’m also starting to get mighty discouraged about working on my self-esteem because when I fix one major part of it, another hole in my self-esteem originating from my past pokes up and it feels never-ending. Is there a general way to boost your self-esteem that will patch up multiple holes at once?


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In my 30s.. where do I meet women?


So here’s the thing: I read over and over “it’s a numbers game” but I got no numbers.

So where do I meet women? I can’t drink at the moment (long story) but do enjoy ballroom dance. Been dancing for years and seems I have mixed success and want other places to meet women.

Follow up question: how do I deal with the idea that “you’re only here to meet chicks?!” I mean, they’re not totally wrong, but if I crash and burn with a girl, how do I ask her friend out without seeming like she’s second best / I’m just desperate


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I’m 17yo in last grade of highschool. Good looking, funny, outgoing but have trouble with girls (not typical trouble).


So I’m good looking and I’ve been said I’m hot and that I dress well. I have many friends (and girls). Problem is that I was never famous because I’ve started being good looking and taking care of myself since 10th grade. And to this day I have this insecurity that I don’t stand out and that people forget about me.

So specifically, what happens with girls is that I don’t really like any girls at my school. And I’ve only liked girls that don’t go to my school. Sometimes it has worked out for me but I’ve never gotten in a relationship. Now, my only solution is Instagram, where I’ve found a lot of girls that I like and have talked to some of them. However they never say yes to to go out and I believe that’s because they’ve never seen me in person (and honestly I agree with them having security issues).

How am I supposed to meet up with a girl I like through Instagram if she’s never seen me? And there’s also the issue of not being kinda famous because they don’t really know me. I would really appreciate your help.

(Please don’t say you’re still young and you’ll do better when you grow up, that’s annoying)


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How to get a girl on a date after coming across a bit needy


I (28M) met this cute girl (F23) at a bar 6 weeks ago. We started talking about interesting things in common and had some laughs together with her friend, then we spent a few hours at her place talking till late. We had some drinks, i liked her a lot, she liked me as well but i went a bit too fast with wanting to be close to her (just cuddles and stuff like that) and i felt she was put a little bit off by that. I sent her a message that i had a nice time and acknowledging it was fast. She replied with a nice message, saying it was a good lesson to let things flow naturally.

A few days later i sent another little teasing message but she hasn’t replied. Now 5 weeks later I really want go out with her again and do it right this time but i’m not sure how to make her reply and want to go out with me. She may not answer if i just call her now, so if she does not reply i was thinking to write her a message. So i figure i have one shot to write again without blowing it, because if she does’t reply, insisting will be again looking too much for it. Just wondering what is your take on this. If you think there is a chance, if so how to tackle this situation or just better move on.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. If your advice is helpful and we live happily ever after i may call our child on your Reddit name ha!


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