Lack of interest?


I haven’t been on a date in a few months. I dated quite a bit before that but I found myself getting tired of putting in the effort and I never felt happy or into it. I got out of a 15 year relationship a little over two years ago and I had to do a ton of reading to work on my “game” and get back out there. I was glad to see that most of what I read was also posted here so at least I knew I was doing it right to some degree.

Although I could never shake the loss of my ex I still managed to have fun and everyone that I did get to go out on a date with me would end up having sex with a couple times and then I would lose interest. I now find myself not even wanting to put in the effort to go on a date, I’m active mostly on tinder and these past few months once I get their number I never contact them. I start thinking ahead to the date and having to be funny, witty, confident, etc. And to be honest I always fake most of it. And of course there’s the anxiety of being good in bed and then I end up never finishing most of the time, and that usually ends with them feeling bad or trying too hard.

I don’t know if I’m just tired of having to put in the effort of running “game” and having to talk to at least three women at once and all the million other things that has to be done when it comes to dating. Does anyone else deal with this or am I just out here on crazy island by myself?


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How do I condition girls to be friends with benefits?


Hi guys, I’m on mobile so forgive any mistakes (also have no idea on how to view a sidebar on my cell).

So recently I’ve been pulling a ton of women and have no problem escalating kino, keeping the conversation fun and flirty and even getting to a sexual level but almost every girl wants to date me and doesn’t want anything casual (even after we’ve had casual sex already).

I’m always upfront about what I’m looking for from the beginning as I don’t want to lead anyone in or hurt anybody but I feel like I’m running into this wall over and over again.

Any advice on how I condition the girls to keeping things casual or any videos I can check out?

Thanks for the help, love you guys, let’s do this!


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What is the best book on to seduce women at work?


Like I know what y’all are about to tell me
“Don’t do it”

“Don’t dip your pin in company ink”

I understand that I shouldn’t but I’d like to know the best way to go about doing it if I decide to

That being said
What is the best book for this

What book teaches you how to converse with and hookup with women at work the best?


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How can I master seduction?


How can I learn to master seduction? Are there any books I should give a go? I’m pretty into the concept, and I only know so much about it.


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