Got rejected brutally


Just something I wanted to share with you guys.

I went through a harsh breakup 6 months ago and am just starting to get back into the game.

Two days ago I was on a night out with some friends and naturally we were also looking out for girls we could chat up and maybe even take home with us.

The first rejection went like this: My friend and I were standing next to some girls and he turned to them and said: “May I introduce you to my friend…” and before he even finished the sentence the girl took a look at me, just said “no” and turned around.

The second rejection was when we went to a quieter part of the bar and I saw a girl sitting with her friends, so I just went up to her and introduced myself. Immediately she got extremely defensive and told me basically to fuck off. I was a bit perplexed by her angry tone and stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds, when even her friends came up to me and told me also in an extremely rude tone that she wasn’t interested and I should piss off.

Well, I’m telling this story because this is probably the biggest fear of most beginners in the pick up game: not only was I immediately shut down, both times it was in an embarrassing and a bit humiliating way.

I had two ways to react: either I could get self conscious and stop trying at all for the night, or I could own that shit, laugh about it and continue having an awesome night.

I chose to take the second path: I owned that shit, told my friends about the epic ways I was just shut down twice, had a good laugh about it with them and continued to chat up girls. I ended up talking and dancing with two hot chicks throughout the night and even got the number of one of them.

Moral of the story is, don’t be afraid to talk to a girl just because you are afraid of being rejected. It really just doesn’t matter at all. The ways I was rejected could be considered extremely embarrassing, people all around me saw and heard me getting rejected, but ultimately it didn’t matter at all. Just don’t take it seriously and realize that everybody has a type and there are always girls that will reject you, just don’t let it pull you down.

That’s all I had to say, hopefully this will help some of you overcome your fear of rejection.


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[FR] April 2018 – Hollywood – How I overcame fear of Physical Escalation – The FR I will never forget..


I am writing my most significant FRs that I have never put into words. The reason why I have never written these is because I was having so much fun at the time, that writing them down was the last thing I was thinking about. Months before this particular FR, I was struggling to physically escalate with girls that I would meet and eventually go on a date with. I lost 4-5 girls that I would go on a date with and while everything was on point, eye contact, body language, the way I was talking to her, the way I’d pass shit tests, etc etc were on point. Yet, I was still losing these girls after the 1st-2nd date. I didn’t know what it was that was turning them away. Come to find out, it was my physical escalation. This is the FR where I overcame my sticking point.


**WARNING to everyone: Before you read this FR, know that it is NSFW**


It was a late Saturday night in Hollywood. I had 2 wings who were down to go out to an 18+ club with me that night. I met up with my wings G and M outside of the club and we were prepared to have a great night.

Now I have a good history with these wings. We’ve had some successful sets that went well and I’ve had the experience of instant double dating individually with each wing, so I was very confident in our ability to wing one another.

This night I wanted to push my comfort zone and potentially make progress on physical escalation. I had read and watched hours of game content and I was ready to implement what I learned. Plus the previous experience outlined in []( really gave me that extra confidence to initiate physical escalation.

Fast forward to the club. Wing G had disappeared into the crowd after approaching a set; we were unable to find him. Me and wing M were hitting up group sets left and right and were having lots of fun just hanging out and gaming.

Half way into the night at around 11pm-12am, I see a two set, a blonde HB9 and a brunette HB9 sitting on a couch on the patio of this club. Both were wearing nice tight black laced dresses. These girls were ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. They were the types that you would picture to have learned game and went to hell and back for. If you’ve ever been to LA and see a drop dead gorgeous girl you’ll understand what I’m talking about. I’ve had reference experience in the past of dating girls like this, so I did not flinch and was not intimidated.

I looked at wing M because it was time for us to cold approach.

Wing M went in first (We took turns being the one to do the first approach and I had already went in the previous set). He asks the girls if they are from the area, to which Brunette HB9 replies,”We live here.” Wing M chats with them for about 1 minute building comfort, doing some push pull, and gets to know them.

I then go into set and introduce myself and explain that me and wing M are good friends. Both blonde HB9 and brunette HB9 smiled and seemed to be receptive to both of us. I then do a cold read,” You two look like you’re really good friends too, you probably have known each other for a long time.” Brunette HB9 looks at Blonde HB9,” Yeah I met her at the beach and we’ve been hanging out ever since.” We all chat for a little bit.

Brunette HB9 then looks at me and says,” Hey I need help untying my laces on my boots.” I knew this was the moment to seize the opportunity for some physicality.

Brunette HB9 raises her leg and motions me to help her untie her laces. I put my hands on her left leg (which is slightly raised) and I go in and try to undo them and struggle (Those things were in a very awkwardly tight knot that would not budge!! lol). I use this as an opportunity to physically escalate. I run my hand on her leg while chatting with her. She doesn’t seem to mind that I’m touching her at all, and to my surprise, was even ENJOYING IT. I couldn’t believe it. I was with this gorgeous girl who I had known for only 2 minutes and already I was touching and vibing with her and she was into it. It’s moments like this that keeps me going and gets me to never stop pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

**Now wing M sees what I’m doing and actually sits down RIGHT NEXT TO Brunette HB9 and gets close to her.**

I wasn’t surprised or upset in this moment. We had rules that we followed when winging with one another.

Who ever starts the set, gets first pick.

(I also didn’t mind since Blonde HB9 was stunning in her own right.)

When wing M sat right next to Brunette HB9, I knew that this was the signal that he chose this girl, so I respected his decision. I put down Brunette HB9’s leg and say,” It’s hard to untie it (the boot lace), maybe you should try” to wing M.

I then proceed to smile at Blonde HB9 and sit on the opposite side to her. She is smiling and receptive to me as well. (I also had a lot of social proof from brunette HB9). I tease and get to know blonde HB9; She was 19, going to a prominent university in the area who was majored in ballet. (I melted inside when I got to know her more.) She had moved here from out of state and loved ballet. After about 45 seconds, I could tell that this girl was into me. Eye contact was solid, body language was good, she was engaged in the conversation, **It was time to escalate.**

**Life’s all about taking risks**

I make solid eye contact with blonde HB9. I stare into her deeply and look down at her lips (Triangular gaze). I say softly,”Hey, ever since I’ve met you, I’ve been wondering something.” She gazes at me with her deep blue eyes as if to ask what it was that I was wondering. (My heart is pounding out of my chest at this point). I say softly “Are you a good kisser?” I pause and she looks at me and smiles with her perfect shiny teeth,” I’m a great kisser, I have lots of experience.” Without hesitating I whisper to her right ear,” Show me.” As I put my right hand on her face and lightly pull her in. She lounges at me and we make out. I couldn’t believe it.

Now in the past I dated an older girl who was 7 years my senior. She had been the best kisser I have ever experienced. She did movements with her tongue that would make me 10x more turned on than when I first started.

I remembered this technique and used it on blonde HB9. Blonde HB9 moans and lays back on the couch. I go in even more intensely, with my upper body on top of hers. I pause, go in and give her some neck kisses and proceed to run my right hand on her left arm. I could hear her slightly moaning quietly even more.

(Now mind you, I was in the patio of a Hollywood club, with LOTS of people walking back and forth and we were on a couch in the middle of a WELL LIT patio RIGHT NEXT TO HER FRIEND with wing M. At this point they both notice what’s going on.) But I didn’t notice where we were or other people because it didn’t matter. I was just making out with the hottest girl in the club and didn’t care about my surroundings. This was fucking cool.)

I go back to making out with her intensely. Her face became more and more red. I slowly ran my right hand on her body as we were going at it. Then a thought occurs to me. I have been touching this girl so much and was getting ZERO RESISTANCE. I thought to myself “Fuck it, I’m going to see where this goes.” I escalate even more.

My right hand is now over her boobs, caressing them. She moans even more. I go back and forth to giving neck kisses to making out, to touching her. She’s enjoying it so much. Now I make a really bold move (just to see how far I could take it.) I stop making out with her, with my hand I pull out her boobs from her dress and start sucking them in front of EVERYONE. She was in pure ecstasy. She was moaning all over the place and I couldn’t believe it. This girl who was a stranger 5 mins ago is now doing things she would never do with someone who she wasn’t comfortable with. I stop, put her boobs back in her dress and slowly started to kiss her neck and lips once more.

At this point I move my hand to her legs. I slowly caress them and move my hands slowly towards her private area. I make sure to not touch that area, but move my hands back and forth between both her legs and inner thighs. She’s loving it. I could hear her moaning more passionately now.

(Later on wing M told me that Brunette HB9 says to him,”Oh my, look at what their doing.” To which he replied,” Yeah, why aren’t we doing that?” and they then both proceed to make out. Solid win for both of us)

I stop caressing her legs and make out with her more intensely than I’ve ever done before.Now for those of you that know me, know that I’m all about consent lol (It was 2018 afterall.) At this point I pull a move so far out of left field, I’m still in disbelief that I did this. I stop making out with her. WITH MY RIGHT HAND I put my index and middle finger together in a fashion. I make sure that she sees this first, and then I slowly proceed to stick them near her mouth. SHE THEN OPENS HER MOUTH AND STARTS SUCKING THEM. At this point, in my head I felt like I was in a porno (No fucking joke). I thought to myself,”Damn I learned this from the internet.” LOL. I then pull my fingers out of her mouth and start making out with her again. This time my right hand is getting closer and closer to her private area. She starts to breathe heavier and heavier. I rub the outside of her panties as she is layed back on the couch. After a few seconds, THIS GIRL PULLS HER PANTIES TO THE SIDE AND LETS ME FINGER THE HELL OUT OF HER.

This goes on for a couple minutes and I was just enjoying the moment. I had forgotten where I was, who I was with, or what ever else was going on. This girl was moaning all over the place in pure ecstasy. I had only met her about 15 minutes ago and already she was laying on the couch and couldn’t get enough of me. Suddenly I felt two taps on the back of my neck. I’m making out with Blonde HB9 still and didn’t want to stop, so I just look up at her friend and Wing M. They look like they’re both shocked, and wing M taps me on the right shoulder as I go back to do what I was doing. Then I competely stop because I felt like someone was standing over me. I look up and this bald fucking bouncer gives both me and Blonde HB9 a smirk and says,” When is my turn?” I was completely dumbfounded at what I just heard. Blonde HB9 stops making out with me, pulls her underwear back and grabs brunette HB9 be the shoulder. I talk to the bouncer trying to convince him that it was my fault and that it won’t happen again. He ignores me and talks to Blonde HB9 and brunette HB9 about them being kicked out of the club. Everyone stands up from the couch.

AT THIS POINT I NOTICE SOMETHING THAT I DIDN’T NOTICE BEFORE ABOUT Blonde HB9. She was towering over me!! This girl was about 6’3 with her heels on. I never noticed how much taller this girl was because she had been sitting and laying on the couch the whole time that I’d known her! Talk about breaking barriers!! This was the first girl that I’d hit on that was significantly taller than me; what’s more is I had gone farther with her than any girl I’d known in 15 mins. I was fucking amazed to say the least. At this point Blonde HB9 was disheveled, red, embarrassed by the bouncer, with her friend holding her right elbow. I tried holding her left hand and and getting her to come with me into the loud club so that we could lose this motherfucker (Bouncer who was a creep). She immediately unholds my hand. I knew that this was over. I sneakily motion Wing M to come with me. In a flash of 10 seconds, me and wing M disappeared into the crowd, away from both girls and the bouncer.

Later on in the night, since we all had exchanged numbers at some point in the interaction, brunette HB9 told Wing M that they had gotten kicked out of the club by the bouncer.

I was in disbelief the whole night and was so surprised at what just happened. I had executed the fastest kino escalation I’ve ever known. From this moment forward, I knew my physical escalation would no longer be a problem.


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Not using Tinder anymore How can I actually pick up woman?


So I (19m) never talked to women IRL because I’m really reserved, the strong quiet type. It’s tinder and Insta Dm’s is where I meet the girls I hook up with, and so far I’ve had slept with 13 different woman but it’s taken its toll on me (emotional wise). I feel comfortable on dates and I’m good at not being boring, it’s like a different me who’s more social and witty.

The problem is intially meeting girls IRL and getting her number, you know like normal things. I’m at a lost of how. I’m fairly attractive and dress nice but it’s really a facade for my shyness. I noticed that I’m more into non socially active girls who workout, are smarter than me, and have a sense of humor but again Idk where and how to meet and get their number. Any suggestions for a guy who’s who new to all this?

Edit: to include I don’t go to college and where I work, people are much older than me so that’s not a good place to look


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Success! Finally lost my V-Card


After vowing to change the ways I (19M) approach women and deciding to get into great shape and build my confidence I have finally lost my virginity on the 3rd date with a girl I recently started seeing. The difference in my confidence that I act with around her surprises even me as I know I was a pretty weak Beta only months ago.

It’s nice to mark one in the win column, and I’ll take the claw marks on my back as a proud battle scar 😉
Don’t give up guys! Good hunting.


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