If you want to figure out what a good and bad date looks watch Dating Around on Netflix


TL;DR: Watch the show and I mean don’t just watch, but analyze it. Look at body language and tonality. Try to guess who who likes who and who and who you would like. Try to indentify who are most like in that episode and who you want to be in the future.

I just watched Dating Around on Netflix. At first I thought it would be overly dramatic and dumb like most reality tv shows like the Bachelor/Bachelorette. However, it seems quite genuine.

If you analyze their body expressions and tonality you can easily tell who are the attractive dates and who is not. I’m not even looking at the superficial here, a lot of these people are good looking, but look beyond that!

In this show one person goes on similar dates with several other people of their preference. Immediately after they introduce and start talking, try to identify how everyone carries themselves and the vibes they give off. Some people I read right away. I noticed one guy was a condescending, confrontational, and insensitive ass. I thought one woman was crazy, but endearing. I found one woman to be bossy. I noticed these immediately when this person said hi and a few more words. During the date one can recognize when the other person is smiling, making eye contact, touching when they liked each other. If they didn’t, you can see and hear snide remarks (don’t get confused with teasing), uncomfortableness, and trying to be nice but get the date over with, etc. Try to guess who likes one person or another. You may even be surprised at who gets picked for a second date.

Also if you haven’t been on many dates, this is a good look into what good and bad dates are for girls and guys. You may even identify with some of the people! Also look at who you like if you were dating them and **NOT just for LOOKS but PERSONALITY**. Think about the dates from the other perspective too. If you see major red flags in guys you identify with then start making changes! Look out for red flags such as neediness, bossiness, condescension, snappiness, etc. If you find yourself not smiling on dates when you like the girl then remember to smile!

For me I have neediness and forgetting to smile and other IOIs. Both due to depression and anxiety. However, I am going back on meds and therapy to work on this. Last week I slipped down a dark hole last weekend but oh well, shit happens. I finally love and accept who I am but I will not let anxiety and depression control me. Since then I’ve skyrocketed back to being happier than ever after getting support, reaching out and having many epiphanies.

Remember to love yourself and be confident in who you are. Don’t wear masks and screen out girls quickly. Stop thinking “I hope they like me” and start saying “I like myself but now is she good enough for me”. Also don’t chase, if she interested and confident herself she’ll make time for you.


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How to talk/flirt with shy girls?


It’s kinda tough to talk to someone that doesn’t have the same energy as me or atleast try to match it


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[25M] Finding ways to seal the deal at the club


Ever been that guy that feels confident, calm, and fun out there, but can’t finish? Insert me in this story.

Don’t get me wrong…I think I had a good 2018 with women, and that’s not just as far as having fun dates. I got one step better with women in the club…most of my interactions happened while dancing, but hey, I’ll take it where I can. Had two very close opportunities that could have ended in getting laid, but if you had to ask me why, I’d say I was too clingy with the first girl and the other probably just…forgot about me the next day even though I got her number.

Since then, just been trying to mix things up. A nicer haircut, not carpooling with my friends, and keeping that no-pressure mentality when I’m out there. If you’ve got some more advice for me, throw it my way!


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