Tried something new. Probably didn’t worko


So I’m trying to get back into it. I was in a 5 year relationship that kinda fucked with me and now I’m rusty and/or have forgotten much of what I used to know.

This past Wednesday I went to a bar and met a possible new client for my business and exchanged info. I felt pretty confident after that and I noticed the bartender was pretty cute so I tried to strike up a convo as I would be kicking myself if I let approach anxiety talk me out of it. Things seemed okay but it was kind of busy and I needed to leave so I gave her my number and left. She kept smiling at me as a saddled up my tab. But it’s been a few days and I haven’t heard back. I suspect that that is a lost cause. But it got me thinking about my need to get back into all of this again.

Does anybody have recommendations on resources I can use to relearn what I’ve forgotten aside from the wonderful wealth of info here? I mean are the old resources that came out back in the 00’s even relevant anymore?

Edit: Sorry about the typo in the title


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How do i pick up girls at a party?


Pmo to yall tips


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Catfish or coward? Or both?


I’m 44F and not really feeling the love on online dating but hey ho it’s off to POF I go!

Chatting away to a younger man and he was always the one to start the conversation – one day he just deletes his profile. Few days ago he’s back… apologising. We chatted last night, gets up this morning to see there is a notification he has messaged me so I login and yup he’s deleted his profile again!

Why do people do this? Is it just entertainment?

I’m so sceptical chatting with people now and probably give decent men a hard time!

Anyway, how is everyone else finding POF?


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