Got some rejections today


The past 2 weeks i have been approaching a lot of people and i have this macro momentum of feeling fluid. Today i approached 3 girls at the train station,

The First Girl

She was quite nerdy and my opener was hi, i like your face.

I asked her what she does and we had a lot in common we geeked out because we both are coders. After a nice conversation i managed to get her number.


The Second Girl

This is where i need help cause i think i suck. I cant remember all the details but heres the gist.


I opened with my favorite “Hi, i like your face” and she laughed and shit.

Then i asked “What are you? Like what are you studying?” She said chemical engineering

I replied with “Oh, so you must be smart.”

Then she was like “nonono” and said something i forgot.

She had a bandage thing on her arm and i asked whats that.

“I donated blood.”

I asked why?

She said that she just does it once a month or something.

Then i said while pretending to reach out “so if i touch there, will it hurt?”

Then she laughed and said yes.

I asked where she is going and if she was alone.

She that she was going to watch a movie with a friend.

I asked if it was a guy or girl, she said guy.

I asked before he gets you can i get your number.

She politely said no thank you.

Then i said “oh, thats fine its ok enjoy the movie”. And i turned my back away and started walking off

I heard her say “see you!”


Third Girl

And for this set i really forgot what i said but,


I opened with a straight “hi, whats your name?” Then i said i like your face again

And i asked where is she studying?

I forgot the name of the thing she was studying but i remember saying “Isnt that fucking boring?”

Then she was talking something about her life that she didnt like studying and that thing she was studying had more practical work someting but i forgot.

Then i said “eww thats so many projects, you have to work with people, i hate people, but i like you tho.”
(shouldnt have done that)

Then i forgot we were talking about something in life but then her train arrived so i asked for her number and she declined.


i suck any help would be appreciated




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Please help…


I have followed most of the successful methods provided on this platform and I always get one of two responses …

1) The girl thinks i am too smart for her so I will get bored with her and they just leave .

2) Girls generally get intimated by me because they fell i am too smart

I don’t know how to deal with this please help it may seem small.


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Approaching when no one is around


So guys I just see a cute girl sitting alone in hallway , should I approach? The hallway is almost too empty. Would it be creepy?


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My Honest Guide To Get More Matches (And Dates) On Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge


My Honest Guide To Get More Matches (And Dates) On Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge


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How to do Valentines Day without being a chode?


Hey guys, I have a special lady that I met through daygame and we’ve been dating for like 5-6 months. I don’t consider her my gf, but I would like to treat her special. IDK if a Valentine’s Day date or at least a text message is corny or if ignoring it will make me a dick?


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