Forced myself to go out last night and had a great time!


So last night I was feeling really down about this girl. My one chick friend texted me, asking if I want to meet her and her friends up at a club. I wasn’t feeling it at all, but I took some kratom and thought fuck it! Let’s fucken go, tonight might be my night.

I haven’t hungout with this girl in years, so I was a bit apprehensive but she seen me, gave me a big hug and introduced me to her *hot friends* I was like fuckkkk! I’m glad I came out! One of her friends, a Spanish girl..was really into me, my chick friend kept telling her girl how cool I am. So I was with her the entire night..I made sure I wasn’t too eager but at the same time I did alot of kino and teased the shit out of her, she thought I was hilarious. I kept making sexual jokes towards her and she was blushing and laughing. Her friend had this long black stick thing that looked like a whip, so I made a move to grab it and told her to turn around so I can spank her, but the fuxken stick broke lol. It felt so good though, to act out in confidence like that. I was doing everything I felt would amuse me in the moment, I wasn’t really trying to make her laugh. I think that is key on a night out, live for yourself, don’t worry about impressing a chick.

Everytime I distanced myself from her in the club, she came and grabbed my hand and took me with her..we held hands the entire night. I could have made a move, but I talked myself out of it! Fuck. She was mentioning how she wants to hang more with me and gave me her number without me even asking for it. BUT before she gave me her number, she told me she had a boyfriend and that he’s rich and spent 1k on her and her friends before, that I should meet lmao. She wasn’t acting like she had a dude, so it left me confused. I’m thinking she isn’t that commited? Girls are so confusing dudes. Should I wait for her to text me or what? I need advice.


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[Long Story] Just done what i should have done months ago…


(keep in mind English is not my first language, also it’s a long story so happy reading !)

Hey guys ! My first post here, today I’m gonna tell you my story about me and my roommate.

A little info about me, i am a 19 years old and i live in an house with 2 roommates and this girl, i’m gonna call her Lolo, she has the same age as me. I have a big crush on her, she is funny and cool, beautiful and pretty chill when we spend some time together but I have to say I wasn’t able to tell her…

But something happened yesterday, we made a party with some friends i didn’t see since months ago, there was some much alcohol and weed, i drank, enough to be in a good party mood and smoke too (first joints though). My friends and my other roommates knew about my crush for her, and it was hurting me too much, they were telling me “Come on man ! Go tell her already !!!” and i wasn’t able to, because i was afraid of the future (would be pretty cringe for the next weeks ect..) and i don’t have that much experiences for that..

But later, Lolo said she wanted to go to bed, immediately all of my friends look at me, meaning that it was my time to shine. And because of the alcohol and weed, i was in a mood where i would be able to tell her, and i knew that if i do not tell her, i will regret it heavily.

So 2 minutes before she goes to bed, im standing up, following her to her room before she close the door, I ask her if i can talk to her :

Me – “Hey Lolo, i need to talk to you about something before you sleep, please.”

Her – “Yeah what is it about ?”

Me – “No i need to be with you in private, it’s a big thing i need to tell you”

Her – “Oh, what is it about ?”

I enter the room and directly close the door, and here i am, with her, with the worst feeling in my head : fear of rejection.

Me – “I think you already know this… uuuh… ” I chuckle, i can’t find my words, i’m completly in a no-comfort zone

Her – “What is it about ? I sincerely don’t know what do you want to tell me”

Me – “Okay, you gonna find this stupid but, it’s been since 6 months that i know you, and you’re pretty cool and all, and i always enjoy spending time with you, so… I profit of this occasion and the fact that i’m quite drunk and high to tell this, but, Lolo, i have some feelings for you, big feelings, i wanted to tell you that. The fact that you move out in June is pressuring me to tell you that, i don’t ever want to regret, sorry for not having be clear since the start. Im a mess, i know that, but at least you know the truth now”

Her – “Oh.. I sincerely didn’t saw that you were feeling that for me, you’re an amazing guy, but i never felt the same about us, i’m sorry to say you that..”

Me – “It’s okay, i already knew i had no chances, but i wanted this to end, it was pressuring me too hard for too long..”

Her – “Don’t ever ever change, you are amazing how you are, i hope you will find a girlfriend as good as you are, you deserve it, to be honest i have some feelings for other persons, but i’m not building anything on anyone because i don’t even know where i will be in one year, i have projects and studies, and i don’t want to be falling apart because of that. Thank you for telling me the truth, it’s good that you told me now, it would have been really cringe if you told me on a regular day like that..”

Me – “Thanks for being honest with me, you are the best roommate i have ever had, I’m not gonna forget this conversation, but don’t worry, now i gonna move on, and we still gonna be roommates and (friends ?)”

Her – “Sure ! Don’t worry, it’s completely fine !”

And i come back to the living room, my friends watch me, ask me about what happened and all…

The day has passed, and the mood is still good, we didn’t talked about this at all for day, idk if it’s a good thing or not, and i don’t know if she remembered, but now i’m asking several things : What should have done better ? What do i do now ? Should i move on and think about something else ?

Anyways thanks for reading me, i hope i didn’t bored you with my story and that you could help me saying what i’m gonna have to do now.


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I think cold approaching is (mostly) a waste of time


I’ve been reading some accounts of number -> lay rates on this subreddit, and generally it seems to be about 1 in 200. That means if you’re approaching 5 girls per hour, it’s going to take 40 hours to get laid assuming that *every* girl gives you her number. Obviously 40 hours of cold approaching is going to make you a tough motherfucker, but I think beside that the cost outweighs the benefit.

Why don’t you join some events / meetups in your city instead? For example []( events, wine/cofffee/whatever tasting classes, art events which normally have alcohol receptions. I live in London so I go to these events about 3 hours per week. Here are some of my reasons for reducing your time cold approaching to hit up some of these events:

* They’re all related to things I’m interested in so even if I don’t get a number I still got to work on a hobby / learn something. However if I hit it off with a girl I’ll ask for her number.
* The approach -> lay ratio is much higher because you already interacted extensively over something you’re both passionate about, and *gasp* guess what, some girls also go to these events because they’re horny and/or want to meet a cool guy.
* I’ve averaged about 2 numbers a week from these places — that’s about 3 hours of my time per week. Normally I’ll ask them out in a frame that’s very obviously a date, and about 30% of the time I’ll land the date. I’m not sure how many of those dates end up as lays, but it’s generally been once every couple of months. That’s 1 lay for every 24 hours I put in, which is better than the 40 hours of cold approach work — and I got to do some cool stuff in the meantime. I’m a busy guy so that’s enough for me, but if you were going to these events every day you could ramp it up much more.
* You’re not going to get the reputation as “that guy” at these events if you live in a big city, because the turnover rate of people attending is so high.

Now the reason I say (mostly) a waste of time is because there are times where the universe just aligns and you’d be stupid not to approach someone. For example I was reading a Murakami book in a cafe about 6 months back, and the girl who sat down next to me also pulled out a Murakami book. That was a no-brainer.

If you’ve read those points and still think there’s more value in cold approaching, please let me know your thoughts.


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Approaching when no one is around


So guys I just see a cute girl sitting alone in hallway , should I approach? The hallway is almost too empty. Would it be creepy?


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I’m good looking, I feel confident, I just don’t know what to say.


Not to brag or anything but I’m a pretty good looking guy, I’ve been with 6 girls but none of those I feel like was through my own merit, they just kinda threw themselves at me and I stumbled ass backwards into sex. My problem is I can honestly never think of anything to say to girls. There’s one lately that’s a literal 10, one of the most attractive girls I’ve honestly ever seen that’s been all over me every time she sees me, very touchy, extremely flirty (she’s literally told me she loves in multiple times). But goddamnit whenever I’ve with her I can’t think of any words to say. All my girl friends have always told me that all girls want is attention and I feel unable to give that. All the things I can think of are literally just small talk and that doesn’t seem like it’s appropriate for the situation. I need help guys, I’ve been on this journey for years and have hardly made any progress.


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Dating Coaches Don’t Want You To Know This…


Dating Coaches Don’t Want You To Know This…


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