Made my first approach today


Today I M21 made my first in person approach today. I’ve been with a few women in my life but it always started as talking over over social media or dating apps. Other than that I’ve always been to nervous around women to make a move and lately I’ve been trying to he more confident with it.

Well lo and behold, a new girl started at the resturaunt by my work. The last few times I’ve been there, we always end up in conversation. Now I’m not talking about small talk, I’m talking about an actual in depth conversation. She seems like an over all good person and has a great plan in life.

So today I finally gathered the courage to ask her to hang out. With a brief silence, I was standing there with my heart racing and face beat red. She asked me how old I was and told her. She said is 26 and I’m pretty young. I’m thinking oh boy here we go. But instead she asks me if I’m into yu-gi-oh. I’ve never played nor had the desire to play as it’s not my thing. I told her I’ve never played and she asked me to go to a weekly game night to play and she would teach me to dual. I agreed and we spoke more about it and we exchanged the usual goodbye have a nice day and she told me to drive safe.

I’m open to try new things and in the process maybe broaden my social circle. I feel like learning the game may tell us alot about each other. How we teach and learn, consideration, and more. All in all I’m psyched that I pushed my boundary and it went considerably well. I’m excited to learn more about her and hopefully everything moves forward.


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Seducing your S/O?


Hey guys. I’m looking for advice/strategies on how to seduce someone you’ve been with for a while.
I’m 26 and my girlfriend is 25. We’ve been together for 3 years and we’re doing fine. The sex is good, but predictable and sorta vanilla. I’d like to spice things up, make her want me the way she did when we first started hooking up. Ya know, get her excited about being naked together instead of just fucking to get each other off.

It’s like we’re past the point of trying to impress each other in the bedroom, which I know happens in relationships. I don’t want sex to be a routine thing. What can I do as her BF to make things more exciting?

Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated


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No verbal communication – Powerful


Warriors….I may have unlocked a new and very powerful game technique….not talking.

I lost my voice due to sickness so last night instead of talking to girls (which is usually my strong suit) I decided to totally go mute and play this fun game where I would pretend sign language and inform them I can’t talk. It was a perfect Segway to get the number early and use texting as a written form of communication.

Ended the night with 3 numbers…F-closed one girl and another texted at 4 am. When talking was eliminated the seduction became very primal and body language driven.

This technique is worth trying


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