Asked a beautiful girl out at my gym


So, I’m pretty introverted and don’t typically start conversations, least of all with beautiful women cause I get kinda nervous (especially with the sweet ones). But there’s this girl who looks exactly my age and I’ve seen her a few times before at the gym. Well ik I’m not ugly and I could tell she was kinda giving me the eye, so I sacked it up, walked straight to her and was completely upfront. Immediately my heart starting running and my voice got a little shaky, but I introduced myself and I told her that she is unbelievably beautiful. She started blushing and said thank you which really made me smile, but when I asked her out she said she has a boyfriend 😐 lame… But I respected it and said thank you anyways.

I hope I see her again. She was super friendly.

Anyways, regardless of the fear, go do it anyways. Even when rejected, you’ll feel incredibly empowered. And it’s a million times better than regret.


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This chick I saw looked at me leaned forward and held eye contact for 60 seconds and chewed her lip. She also sucked her finger then made a motion with it. Could that mean she is interested?


What do you guys think?? I could see down her shirt and everything. After she sucked her finger it looked like she wanted me to come over to her. Do you think she actually wanted me to talk to her?

*Nah sorry man. She had a terrible accident while growing up on the family farm, so now she has two glass eyes. Problem is sometimes if her glass eyes get a little dry they point randomly at people which is what caused her to “look” at you. She chewed her lip to try and build up saliva in her mouth she could use to lubricate her eyes. But the thing is she didn’t want to get any on her top so she bent over. Her sucking her finger and moving it about was just to help her estimate windspeed and direction for when she tried to huck the lube into her own eye. Sorry man all the signs were there but in your particular case crazy coincidence.*

That’s crazy how did you know all of that? Sounds like you’re making that story up.

*It’s 100% true I know this because I went up and asked her myself. If you don’t believe me and think maybe she may have been into you why don’t you just ask her yourself?*

Hahahahaha nah that’s crazy bro I’d never just “go up to some random” like that, she could have a condition like the one I saw, then people might think I was a loser and a creep. Thanks for explaining that!

*No worries as for being a loser AND a creep – don’t worry you aren’t both.*

**Shame and dishonour upon you and the last thousand generations of your ancestors since unless you adopt I don’t see how there will be a next generation.**

**I swear some of you people could fuck up being a billionaire in a whorehouse.**


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How does one get girls in high school?


I’m 16 years old, I’m in 10th grade at a small high school (like 450 people). The last year and a half I haven’t really been looking to get girls, but I’m tired of being lonely so here I am. How do I get girls in high school?


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I really like this girl but…


She has a huge obsession with Disney. I always thought that Disney was aimed towards younger audiences (ages 3-10). She’s in her early 20’s. She has the annual pass, multiple ‘ears’ and she goes to Disneyland A LOT. Don’t get me wrong. She is hands down the most gorgeous and coolest girl I’ve ever met, practically my dream girl. But this Disney obsession makes me a bit uneasy. On the upside, we both like horror films and rock music, so I guess thats ok. Am I jerk for thinking this way? Should I give her a chance? Or is this Disney obsession a red flag?


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