Experience confessing to a girl from your social circle


I need to gauge if it‘s worth taking the risk. I‘m fucking shit at reading signals but my boys tell me there might be interest on her side (which I assume they tell me because they are my boys).

She send me a text today confirming the gathering of our social circle for tomorrow. Which she could have done in our WhatsApp friend group. Alone on this my best friend told me to just all-in soon.

I‘m pretty into her but I‘m not sure she noticed that, because again, I‘m so shit at reading signals.

We keep in contact over Snapchat and she sends me selfies regularily, which I‘m the only boy in the social circle she sends them to I‘m pretty sure.

So only going by this, would you guys says it‘s worth trying this? I live in Germany and we are in our early twenties.

I need your advice on this topic urgently AND BE BRUTALLY HONEST!


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When is a guy too old to go out and pick up/sarge etc?


A question that keeps bothering me. I’m 31, and I don’t think I am ready for marriage. Despite the fact a fair few my age have settled down, I still love going out to clubs, having a good time, picking up etc (despite the fact I haven’t mastered my game and am still relying on luck.)

So, a question. Is there any particular age, or age bracket, when going out to clubs as a single male just becomes desperate, creepy and weird and he really should just forget about it? Because I feel like I’m at a crossroads and receiving conflicting information. On the one hand, I feel it should be time to find a life partner because I’m not getting any younger. On the other, I feel a 30 something guy in good shape with his shit together could plausible date girls ten years either side of him.




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Evolutionary psychology perspective on romance: Beat Your Genes Podcast


[https://player.fm/series/beat-your-genes-podcast/09-love-sex-dating-relationships](https://player.fm/series/beat-your-genes-podcast/09-love-sex-dating-relationships) I would recommend the podcast to anyone that is interested in the supposed evolutionary mechanisms underlying romantic life and procreation. It has a sobering and pragmatic take which I find refreshing. Free from socially acceptable speech/political correctness and all the sugar coated lies… There are many episodes that cover relevant topics.


I usually struggle with feeling like a victim/self-pity, project my insecurities onto data and feel my self-esteem drop when I hear about the practical realities of things. Though for some reason, perhaps an accumulation of knowledge and wisdom… I don’t feel that way when I hear Nate and Dr. Doug Lisle discuss these matters of life.


I’d assume other subs would get offended by this podcast but I believe most people here are mature enough to see it for what it is; without denial or criticisms of it being cynical and superficial.


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2-sets When Gaming Solo. Is this Mission Impossible?


I’ve said in the past that gaming solo is better than doing so with a wingman.

The only disadvantage is there is no-one to distract the friend during a two-set.

Here are three examples of failed two-set pulls from last night.

Anything I could have done better? Was a number-close the only option? Let me know in the comments….


***Glamorous and super-hero***

The first club is closing

I open a set with some line about one looking glamorous yet sporty and the other looking like a superhero ready to save the world from arrogant white men.

Glamorous says we already met and she already follows me on Instagram.

I tell her “cool, so you already know Im awesome” and pull her in for a hug

Glamourous is loving all the obnoxious, cocky-funny lines, but Superhero is visibily disgusted.

I try a few lines and compliments to win her over, but it seems her mind is already made up.

So, instead I make jokes about the fact her friend hates me.

*Joe’s not for everyone*

*There’s ony a 50% chance of women absolutely loving me. I guess your coin landed on tails*

Glamorous is loving this. Superhero not so much.

Anyway, the set ended with Superhero literally Glamorous’ finger and wagging as it if to say ‘No’. That’s pretty funny for a girl.

I tell them they’re free to leave.

Glamorous doesn’t want to leave. Superhero literally has to drag her away.

You’d imagine Glamorous is a solid shout to come out on a date.


***Skinny and Fat***

I’m at the first club, which closes at 12.

Some woman who I already met and IG-closed through daygame.

She opens me asking if I remember her. I tell her “Yes”, but she doesn’t believe me. She tells the elaborate story of how I hit on her, while she was working at a food market. Yep.

This looks pretty on….

She’s acting a bit shy though because she’s “not drunk”.

I invite her and the fat friend to dance.

Fat friend is proper going for it, but skinny girl is kind of standing there and watching.

Knowing it’s important to win over the fat friend over (and make skinny girl chase), I focus mainly on her.

We find a pillar and do a make-shift pole-dancing competition. I stuff 1 Baht notes down her bra.

Everyone thinks it’s funny.

They invite me to the second club.

I don’t go with them, because they’re driving a moped and I’m walking.

At the second club, I spot them and give the fat one my free drinks voucher.

Soon after, they start whispering to each other and the fat one starts grabbing my chest and grinding on me super-sexually.

Fuck, was I too nice to the fat one!? Did they just agree that she could have me?

I ejected the set to use the bathroom.

When I returned, skinny girl was crying over some girl drama and they went home…

I can follow up via IG, but I think skinny girl has some personality issues, (which is why I stopped texting her in the first place).


***Aussie 1 and Aussie 2***

I spot thess two Aussies who say the second club sucks.

I agree and we bounce to go a better one. The club right next to my apartment 😉

Loads of banter, with both parties negging the other, (as you can expect from Aussies).

By the time we got to the bar, it was closed.

My only strategy to seperate them was to invite them BOTH to my apartment, and hope that one declined the offer (or one leaves before the other).

They both declined the offer because they had early mornings to attend to.

Got them both on IG, so I can text the hottest one I suppose…

***This was originally posted in the Telegram group I co-launched for men who want to become brilliant with women. Some 400+ guys sharing their success stories and getting feedback on their sticking points. A real brotherhood. if you’d like to join the group, drop me a PM with your Telegram handle.***


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