How/Where to make more Male Friends


Hey Guys,

No homo. I recently moved to South West Florida, and yes, it’s pretty dead out here…

I mean, there are a ton of hot babes literally everywhere and anywhere.

I don’t feel any real challenges in picking up women or flirting or any of that. My game is pretty solid, both inner and outer. I have no problems with Preselection, Gaining Social Proof, DHVing, all that jazz…

I honestly live in a world of abundance of women.

The problem is, I don’t really have a life, and that’s depressing.

Life isn’t all about just getting laid, or increasing your Laycount. Casanova even preached Quality over Quantity.

Life isn’t all about Seduction. If it was, if my rules to happiness were literally based 100% on Seduction, life itself would, and is, pretty gray…

Having said that, when I lived in NJ/NY, it was definitely easier.

I had joined a local choir and there were some “grungy” type bars with commoners who would go there every week, and if you became a commoner, those people quickly became your friends. It was a fun bar too, had live-band karaoke. It was a really great way to blow off steam and have a fun night out.

Unfortunately, I can’t find many places at all in South West Florida.

There’s one bar/club nearby called, Society, which has it’s nights. Sometimes it’s packed with women, but again, I’m not really looking for more chicks right now. I have too many to deal with. I need to find guys who just wanna smoke a joint, have a beer, shoot the shit, laugh about nothing, play some video games, play cards, go bowling, or just go out anywhere, the pool hall for example…

I was thinking about checking out, but those things are so open to the general public that I feel like those are for people who have such severe Social Anxiety and Social Phobia that they literally need a forced, structural system to help them make friends…. Eh, idk. I could be wrong.


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Hey guys, I’m in Turkey and looking for wingmans to hangout in Tunus, Kizilay or Bahceli. If you are interested text me back.


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In need of guidance with kino


Good Afternoon all, hope we’re all well.

When I visit someone I like during my break. She is always working. She comes over (from where she is meant to be) to have a chat with me.

We have great rapport, both look each other dead in the eyes, smile, laugh and all that.

I make a point of touching her arm and side abit. Recently I’ve starting touching her back up and down while leaning and chatting

My issue is that both times I’ve done this she has her arms folded (sign of uncomfort I believe). Which makes me doubt whether she is receptive or just friendly. This hasn’t stopped her coming to say hello however.

The #metoo movement has me shook and I don’t want to be making her uncomfortable. I’m wondering what your opinions are. For the record in complete fairness she rarely touches back but has once or twice.

Thank you all!


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