Pick something really fucking embarrassing for me to say


So I’m doing this program called fearless and you’re supposed to make a fake phone car in front of a large group of people and embarrass the fuck out of yourself. Max picked coming out of the closet to his parents but I think that would make me laugh too much. I was thinking I could do one where I act like I got cheated on and I am the ultimate cuck. Will pick the highest rated comment.


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[Sharing][Need help]Occam’s Razor – The Simple Science Of Rapid Seduction


Guys how do I download this? It’s huge ;-;
Also none of those premium link generators work. If anybody gets this thing working or mirror it please tell me how ;;



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Opened My First Set Since Halloween Last Night


Hey guys,

The last few months I’ve been going through a very rough patch that has left me anxious, depressed, and with no desire to approach girls. Slowly, I’ve managed to get myself to start going out again with friends.

Last night I met up with a new friend of mine, his girlfriend, and two of his male friends at a bar. We had a couple drinks then moved on to another place, which was much more lively. After a couple more drinks my friend wanted to
take a walk around the place looking for girls for me knowing that I was single. As it turns out, two of the other guys were too (but evidently had no game, like me) and we all eventually found a three set that looked approachable.

The problem was, I went from completely hating myself several hours earlier to somehow out having fun with my friends and looking to approach a group of girls, something I hadn’t done in literally months. I though back to my college days (I’m 27 now) when I used to study game and pickup and wracked my brain for an opener, anything. I half expected one of my friends to open and sort of pull me into the set since I was having a tough time getting going, but we continued ruminating amongst ourselves for about 15 minutes.

At this point I knew we were doomed, going purely off of Mystery’s “three second rule,” which states that once a set has been spotted, you have three seconds to approach before the opportunity evaporates. I knew the longer we stood there talking, the worse our chances would be. At this point, the girls were looking at us with semi-interest but could tell that we were working up the balls to go over there, which did not help us.

Finally my friend (with the girlfriend) said “if you’re gonna approach, now’s the time to do it,” and I just said “fuck it” and walked up to the three girls and said “so, you girls from around here?” I know it was shit and I pulled it out of my ass, but at least I opened. The minute I opened my mouth, all three girls were looking at me like “why are you talking to us right now…” I pushed as long as I could until my two friends joined the set, but we eventually crashed and burned.

So yeah, it was painful. And I fell short. But you know what? I’m proud of myself for even opening the set. Even if I got shot down, it was a step in the right direction. The fact that I couldn’t even get out of bed that day and go to work and I ended up opening a set that night is a huge victory for me. I intend to keep going out and approaching more girls.

I know it sounds stupid, but with the place I’ve been in, I view last night as 100 percent a victory.

Be well guys.


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2-sets When Gaming Solo. Is this Mission Impossible?


I’ve said in the past that gaming solo is better than doing so with a wingman.

The only disadvantage is there is no-one to distract the friend during a two-set.

Here are three examples of failed two-set pulls from last night.

Anything I could have done better? Was a number-close the only option? Let me know in the comments….


***Glamorous and super-hero***

The first club is closing

I open a set with some line about one looking glamorous yet sporty and the other looking like a superhero ready to save the world from arrogant white men.

Glamorous says we already met and she already follows me on Instagram.

I tell her “cool, so you already know Im awesome” and pull her in for a hug

Glamourous is loving all the obnoxious, cocky-funny lines, but Superhero is visibily disgusted.

I try a few lines and compliments to win her over, but it seems her mind is already made up.

So, instead I make jokes about the fact her friend hates me.

*Joe’s not for everyone*

*There’s ony a 50% chance of women absolutely loving me. I guess your coin landed on tails*

Glamorous is loving this. Superhero not so much.

Anyway, the set ended with Superhero literally Glamorous’ finger and wagging as it if to say ‘No’. That’s pretty funny for a girl.

I tell them they’re free to leave.

Glamorous doesn’t want to leave. Superhero literally has to drag her away.

You’d imagine Glamorous is a solid shout to come out on a date.


***Skinny and Fat***

I’m at the first club, which closes at 12.

Some woman who I already met and IG-closed through daygame.

She opens me asking if I remember her. I tell her “Yes”, but she doesn’t believe me. She tells the elaborate story of how I hit on her, while she was working at a food market. Yep.

This looks pretty on….

She’s acting a bit shy though because she’s “not drunk”.

I invite her and the fat friend to dance.

Fat friend is proper going for it, but skinny girl is kind of standing there and watching.

Knowing it’s important to win over the fat friend over (and make skinny girl chase), I focus mainly on her.

We find a pillar and do a make-shift pole-dancing competition. I stuff 1 Baht notes down her bra.

Everyone thinks it’s funny.

They invite me to the second club.

I don’t go with them, because they’re driving a moped and I’m walking.

At the second club, I spot them and give the fat one my free drinks voucher.

Soon after, they start whispering to each other and the fat one starts grabbing my chest and grinding on me super-sexually.

Fuck, was I too nice to the fat one!? Did they just agree that she could have me?

I ejected the set to use the bathroom.

When I returned, skinny girl was crying over some girl drama and they went home…

I can follow up via IG, but I think skinny girl has some personality issues, (which is why I stopped texting her in the first place).


***Aussie 1 and Aussie 2***

I spot thess two Aussies who say the second club sucks.

I agree and we bounce to go a better one. The club right next to my apartment 😉

Loads of banter, with both parties negging the other, (as you can expect from Aussies).

By the time we got to the bar, it was closed.

My only strategy to seperate them was to invite them BOTH to my apartment, and hope that one declined the offer (or one leaves before the other).

They both declined the offer because they had early mornings to attend to.

Got them both on IG, so I can text the hottest one I suppose…

***This was originally posted in the Telegram group I co-launched for men who want to become brilliant with women. Some 400+ guys sharing their success stories and getting feedback on their sticking points. A real brotherhood. if you’d like to join the group, drop me a PM with your Telegram handle.***


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Side effects of being Emotionally Connected to a girl (6 Actionable ways To overcome it. )


I saw this topic on this group and I decided to talk about it.
I know how it feels to be too emotionally attached to a girl, Because I really suffered a lot before I learned what it was that I was doing wrong.

I know most of us are making the same mistakes but I have a good news for us all.

YOU CAN STOP BEING EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO A GIRL right now if you use this 4 tested strategies that worked for me

So let’s get to it.. I hope it works for you and when it do don’t forget to comment and share this post

TIP1. DON’T CALL OFTEN : Some guys have the habit of calling a girl twice or multiple times a day.
To break it down, this single mistake actually does two things
I). It makes the girl to think that you’re actually needy and it shows them you don’t have any girl or anything fun going on in your life that’s why you have a lot of free time to call her

II). It subconsciously makes you feel connected to this girl even if the girl doesn’t show any sign of interest.
Most of the guys who feel emotionally connected to a girl doesn’t always get the girl. Simply because they have kept this girl on a pedestal in their life and no matter what this girl does, he accepts it without complaining.

so how do you overcome this little urge to keep on calling this girl multiple times a day.



I know what you’re thinking and the good news is that it’s exactly what you thought.

Approach lots of women. Sounds crazy right but when you have abundance of girls in your life, you don’t even have enough time for one person not to even think about her or call her too often.

There are advantages of having lots of women in your life :

I). It makes you confidence around women
II). You might believe this but it teaches you real social dynamics
III). You live a happy life
IV) Women begs for your attention
V) Finally, You won’t be emotionally connected to a single girl.. Lol..


I assume all of us really understands what this means. Because why we are here on earth in the first place. If you don’t live your life , who is going to live it for you?. NOBODY MAN
So lets man up, take control of our live and get busy working to make it better and improve ourselves.

To start living your best life right now, you have to think about the things you can do that will make you feel fulfilled and go after it.

Make a career choice today and move fast to achieve the greatest height in your career.

When you do this, you are now more focused and driven than ever. And she is going to feel that because of your behaviour and attitude will change.

When you hit this spot, you will know how it feels to be the Best, Attractive man she has been dreaming about every night.. Lol 😂

TIP 4). DON’T ALWAYS THINK ABOUT HER( Don’t check her pictures always) :

I decided to make this the last tip, YOU KNOW WHY?
Because guys who have lots of women in their lives and guys who are living their best life also make this mistake and that’s why they’re stuck with emotionally.

There is a saying that things you focus on expands, right?
That’s true. That means if you focus on this particular girl, the love you have for her expands, Your emotions that are attached to her expands.

Soon you have falling into the trap and become a slave to her subconsciously without even knowing .
It’s too dangerous to your dating life.

Note: if it’s your wife or spouse, it’s awesome but if it’s your girl.. No…

Because being too emotionally connected to this girl make you to become :
I) Too jealous
II) Too needy and scare the girl away
III) To be alone.

Bottom line, When you are too emotionally attached to a girl , you end up alone .


Do you want more

Helpful resources :



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