Pick something really fucking embarrassing for me to say


So I’m doing this program called fearless and you’re supposed to make a fake phone car in front of a large group of people and embarrass the fuck out of yourself. Max picked coming out of the closet to his parents but I think that would make me laugh too much. I was thinking I could do one where I act like I got cheated on and I am the ultimate cuck. Will pick the highest rated comment.


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Casual Vs. Flirty


So, I finally got shut down and it was about time. I look for signs of disinterest and I got it verbalized. I’m glad it happened because now I know when a woman doesn’t want to flirt. The body language was friendly and there was little to no eye contact. When I tried to establish it she instantly mentioned that she has a husband and broke it. I still talked to her normally and pretended as though nothing happened. It wasn’t even that bad. I don’t know why people fear rejection. No one should ever take things personally because you never know what kind of situation the other person is in.


Signs to watch out for

1. No eye contact
2. Bad body language
3. Negative proximity
4. Mentions a bf or a husband.


1. Eye contact
2. Positive body language
3. Close proximity


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